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Best Grapefruit Juice

Any non fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice that you would recommend? I really like the Ruby Red grapefruit from Texas but it is out of season and I don't care for the grapefruit that are currently available.Are there any worthwhile brands out there? I never liked grapefruit juice until I first tried fresh-squeezed.I couldn't believe how good it was,having only had the canned juice before that.

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  1. I like Trader Joe's Rio Red Grapefruit blend. It's a bit on the sweet side but I'm addicted.

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        I haven't tried the Noble grapefruit, but the other ones I've tried from the company have had a really nice flavor.

        1. re: kattyeyes

          Seconded. This is the only grapefruit juice I've ever liked.

          Although I should mention that I drink it with gin almost exclusively.

          1. re: Bob Brooks

            Love Simply Grapefruit . All their juices are excellent.

            1. re: Babyducks

              Simply Grapefuit & Black Coffee - Breakfast of Champions!

              1. re: MGZ

                Thanks for the suggestions.I will give them all a try if I can find them.I'm 5 minutes from Trader Joe's and I have had Simply Lemonade,which is very good.
                I don't recall seeing their Grapefruit but will try to track it down.The same with the Noble brand.I'm not sure if it's sold near me,the Metropolitan NY area,but will look next time I'm in the grocery store.I like a few different cocktails that use grapefruit juice and with warm weather on the way it's getting time to do some tasting research.

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                  Simply Grapefruit & Gin -- Lunch of Champions!

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                    The original Greyhound.Much better than the Vodka version.

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                      MGZ, I'm waiting with baited breath to hear what "Dinner of Champions" will be!

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                      Noble has a "where to find" link that should help you:

                      I love a ruby red margarita! Sometimes I buy fruit, sometimes Noble. Cheers!

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                        Thanks for the link.It's telling me Stop N Shop in NY.The closest one to me is actually right across the street from Trader Joe's so I can do some research this weekend,possibly involving ruby red margaritas.

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                          Perfect! Now can we swap recipes? :) I'm convinced I have the perfect ruby red 'rita down to a science (but the measurements are not with me right now--they're on a sticky note in the liquor cabinet)--ruby red, fresh lime, Patron Citronge and your favorite tequila. How do you make yours? Oh, and if I'm home, I sugar the rims with coarse (vanilla, I think) sugar. Of all places, I got a tub of the sugar at Chili's in a side dish container. Nice score!

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                            Pretty much the same,although no sugar(or salt) on the rim.I usually use a Silver tequila.The liquor store near me often has Herradura at a good price.I go with 2 oz. tequila; 3/4 to 1oz. Cointreau or something comparable.I recently bought a bottle of Salerno,which is a Blood Orange liqueur and I like that.Although it's a little sweeter than Cointreau.Then squeeze in the juice of 1/2 a lime, and an ounce or so of another juice if I'm adding some more flavor.Whatever is in season or some bottled pomegranate,pineapple or cranberry juice.Or now,Ruby Red grapefruit juice.

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                              Silver Herradura is a good choice--we like that, too. I think we go 2:1 ratio of tequila to Citronge, and yes, 1/2 a lime. So we're using the same basic formula. They sure are excellent! And this weekend will be perfect weather to mix 'em up! The Salerno sounds interesting. Will look for it. Thanks!

                              1. re: kattyeyes

                                This sounds amazing right now and it is finally warm enough in NYC to merit a margarita!

                                1. re: newfoodie

                                  Margaritas are a seasonal drink for me too,although I drink Gin and Tonic year round.Kind of my fall back if I'm not sure about the quality of drinks at wherever I am.I did have a very good margarita at Beacon that was a good fall/winter drink.I believe it had the usual margarita base recipe and added cranberry juice and some ground cinnamon.

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                                    Know which margarita I really wish I could replicate? The house pomegranate margarita at Rosa Mexicano...and beyond that, their chocolate version of the same I had only once at a special chocolate dinner. WOW. And when I asked, they said something crazy like they thought there was Hershey's syrup in it. Go figure. You started me in that direction when you mentioned cinnamon 'cause my first reaction was WHAT? followed by, well, maybe you're onto something. ;)

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                                      I haven't had the Rosa Mexicano pom. margarita but have read many raves about it.The cranberry/cinnamon one at Beacon was very good.I've made it at home and also tried it using Goldschlager instead of the ground cinnamon,but liked the one with the cinnamon better.Don't put in much of the spice.Maybe a pinch.Sprinkle it on top,then stir it in.It won't fully dissolve,but it will taste good.

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                                  I opt for white grapefruit juice, with Grand Marnier (though I'll go for Cointreau Noir when possible), plus fresh lime, and Don Julio blanco tequila. After that, at most places, I'll add a small amount of grenadine for color and sweetening. But one of my favorite bars will add a bit of freshly muddled basil and agave nectar before shaking the cocktail, and top it with a drizzle of Chambord. The whole thing is slightly spicy and complex, and addictive as can be.

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                        Just don't have that combo when you're on antibiotics or otherwise have an I-can't-handle-the-acid moment.

                        (Disclaimer: I love acidics.)

                  2. I am with the Simply Grapefruit clan. It is not so sour that it causes my eyes to squinch up, but not so sweet that I feel like I need a water chaser. It is most like freshly squeezed... IMO.

                    1. So this weekend I picked up the following; Simply Grapefruit,Noble's Ruby Red and Trader Joe's 100% squeezed Florida Grapefruit Juice.All were good,although I think the first two were the tastiest.They were all pasteurized,100% pure,etc. I don't think I bought the suggested TJs Rio Red blend.I just picked up whatever they had in the juice/dairy case.The other may have been in the bottled juice section.I realize not everyone may feel the need to taste test grapefruit juice,but I appreciate your suggestions.I have found a very suitable substitute for fresh squeezed when Texas grapefruit is out of season.This summer I can drink gin and grapefruit and call it a health drink.Which reminds me that MGZ never did tell us what the Dinner of Champions was.Maybe there was no grapefruit involved.Kattyeyes,I did make a margarita last night with the Noble's Ruby Red and it was very tasty indeed.Thanks for the tip.

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                        The following was a Dinner of Champions:


                        (I think this is the CH version of a clip show!)

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                          Well, I am holding my breath. Which was it FnW? Do tell!

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                            All three that I tried were good .I liked Simply Grapefruit best,then Noble's Ruby Red and third was the TJs 100% hand-squeezed.I've finished about 2/3 of the Noble's,since it had the earliest sell by date(May 1st).The others are ok for sale through late June.Have had it with Gin, with lemonade, in a margarita and also with Tequila/lime juice and club soda topper.Very tasty in all of the above and for now will continue to use rather than tonic.

                        2. I know how you feel. Visited a friend in Sarasota a few years back; we were drinking vodka and tonics, but ran out of tonic. "No problem" he says and sprints into the backyard. Comes back with half a dozen grapefruit right off the tree. Three minutes in the juicer, and I had the best drink I've ever had in my life.

                          Completely spoiled me, though. Now, any canned/bottled/carton juice just tastes bitter compared to the incredible sweetness of that fresh juice.

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                            That sounds delicious.Can see why you've been spoiled.The first time I had a fresh squeezed drink was at Busch's Sea Food in Sea Isle City,NJ.We had vodka with fresh squeezed OJ at the bar.They had a large chrome juicer and the bartender would put some ice and vodka in the glass and then squeeze the OJ right into it.Unbelievably good.
                            Apologies to anyone who holds vodka in disdain,but it can make a very refreshing drink.

                          2. i really love the "indian river" brand of grapefruit juice. it does taste fresh squeezed. http://www.indianriverjuice.com/index...

                            it reflects the flavor of ruby red grapefruits -- not sweet, not sour -- just delicious. sometimes i just find oj to be a little cloying, and have taken to diluting oj with water (when im thirsty, because it's more refreshing if i'm drinking a big glass).

                            1. Probably most fresh squeezed juices are pretty variable depending on time of year. At its best, Lambeth Groves sells the best packaged grapefruit juice I've ever had. It's semi-widely available in NYC.

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                                Agree on Lambeth Groves. Their OJ is also the best fresh squeezed OJ at the most reasonable price, slightly below WF's

                              2. As an adolescent, I spent two years in school in Paris, living in a fifth-floor walkup. I realized I wasn't getting enough vitamin C in my morning croissant and coffee, so I bought some cans of Israeli grapefruit juice and kept them on my balcony to stay cold. The cans rusted, but every morning I drank some of the juice.

                                To this day, when ever I drink graprefruit joice, any brand, it tastes of rust to me.

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                                1. re: ekammin

                                  citrus juice in a can is a crime.

                                  1. re: alkapal

                                    Agreed.Canned grapefruit juice is horrible.The rust from the can may have actually improved the taste.

                                    1. re: TooLooseLaTrek

                                      i recall back in the day when screwdrivers were made with these horrible canned juices.

                                      they actually tasted like real screwdrivers -- old ones, that had been in the tool box!

                                      1. re: alkapal

                                        You're giving me flashbacks to the low point in cocktail history.Ugghhh. Disgusting.But I did drink them also.Fortunately for me I was mainly a beer drinker then.Not that there was a tremendous selection of beer to choose from but it still beat the mixed drinks.

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                                          Post of the night, Alkapal. (Even though you posted in the morning.)

                                  2. D'Agostinos brand ruby red used to be fabulous - very fresh tasting. Unfortunately, you have to find a Dags nearby... Fresh squeeze is easy if you have one of those simple electric juicers (good for oranges too)

                                    1. If you ever have an opportunity to buy a sack of honeybells, go for it. It's a cross between grapefruit and tangerine, and is the sweetest citrus by far. The season is short, about 6 weeks, beginning mid-January. They are not commercially juiced because the juice does not keep for long. But a fresh-squozen honeybell and vodka, well, you can't get it at the Four Seasons for any price.
                                      I have one pink grapefruit tree that keeps me in greyhound heaven for about 4 months. I'm in Bradenton, home of Tropicana, but there's nothing like the real thing.