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Apr 23, 2009 10:40 AM

3 nights in Vegas--Steak, a Show, and an Anniversary...

Hi all,
My husband and I will be in Vegas over 4th of July weekend and are trying to decide on 3 great restaurants for our 3 evenings there. We love high end food and price is really no object. We are not big steak eaters but do want to try Craftsteak maybe the first night (Yes, yes, yes, we are addicted to Top Chef). We have eaten at the French Laundry and had the best time of our lives there, so we thought Bouchon would be a good choice. Our final night we would like to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary, so something REALLY special and romantic is in order (so no restaurants near the walkways of the casinos--I always feel like when I eat at those no matter how fancy, I am eating at the food court mall). We are staying at the Four Seasons for the first time (so we know we are at the opposite end of the Strip from where we usually stay and where we would usually eat). I was wondering if Craftsteak for the first night, then Bouchon for dinner at 6pm with LOVE at 9 pm on Friday, then Alize for the final evening sounds like a good plan? Is it two too many french restaurants? We do like all kinds of food, but want to stay with restaurants that are on or right near the strip. Also, I want to keep close to the Mirage for the 9pm show on Friday night. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The last night is really up for grabs so any recommendations for restaurants besides Alize are highly welcome! Thanks everyone! :)

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  1. I wouldn't do Bouchon for dinner, it's more of a breakfast brunch place IMO. I think stratta at the Wynn would be perfect before Love. For your final night I would go to either Joel Robuchon at MGM, Guy Savoy at Caesars, or Alex at Wynn

    1. Although it's been two years since I've been there, at the risk of offending climberdoc, I'd recommend considering Picasso for your last night. Maybe not at the level of the places referenced by SDGourmand, but still a very nice experience with great food, service and atmosphere.

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        No offense taken. I heard the chef at Picasso is leaving. Do you know anything about that?

        Wow! This sounds like a fantastic trip!

        I actually really enjoy Bouchon at dinner. They seem to come through consistently with the food but sometimes lag on service.

        I don't think two French places is out of line especially if you love French food.

        If you wanted to throw in an upscale Italian experience you could try Sinatra at Encore which just recently opened. It is a beautiful restaurant which Steve Wynn spared no expense on.

        I've not been to Alize but am saving it for a special occasion. It seems like an amazing venue. Not many reviews on this site on it though. Not sure why.

        Have a great trip!

      2. I know this was not one of your choices, but do not go to Joe's in Caesar's Palace for a steak. The service was great and the wine wasn't bad but the meal was mediocre for what we paid. I think you are looking for something a tad more special anyway...