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Apr 23, 2009 10:36 AM

Need some advice for honeymoon Sydney/Melbourne

I know this topic gets covered a lot, as I read tons and tons of threads, but I am still not sure where to go in about a month when we visit Melbourne and Sydney.


We have 3 days of eating here:

Fiance really loves a good view, so I was thinking the first night we are there eating at Aria or Quay? Is one a lot better than the other? Is the view at one better for any reason? Help me figure out how to decide.

The next night I thought about eating at the Wharf.

I was hoping to do something different and depending on where we are what we are doing:
Sailors Thai
Spice I am
Bird Cow Fish
Din Tai Fung
Lord Nelsons

Bills for Breakfast if we are near.

In Melbourne we only have one real night to dine, then breakfast and lunches for two other days:

Longrain- I thought this might be the place for one dinner?

Other considerations:
Mo Vida
Curve Bar
Canteen (for lunch)

Is Cafe di Statsio worth traveling out to?

Any breakfast recommendations?

The rest of our trip is up on Hayman Island so we will be eating at the resort there...

Thank you in advance. Money isn't a concern, but we like all types of places high end or low brow. We will be doing mostly touristy things, visiting touristy stuff.

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  1. Quay has a better view i.e. the Opera House is across the water.

    I would give the Wharf a miss, it is OK and has an OK view but not great. Icebergs on Bondi Beach has a really great view but it gets dark early so is better for lunch.

    Spice am I is great but basic (Surrey Hills branch), Din Tai Fung is OK but only really does dumplings and there are better places to try in Sydney. Lord Nelson is a pub with very average pub food - I wouldn't recommend it. pony is nice but again not top league.

    Universal is very good food in the inner suburbs, Est has great food in the city in a "big night out location", and Uccello at the Ivy is very, very sexy, an Italian restaurant built around a swimming pool in the middle of town. Neil Perry has juste open Rockpool Bar and Grill with Spice Kitchen a very contemporary Chinese restaurant in the heart of Sydney and I suspect that is one of the hot new tables. Also the original Longrain is in Sydney, so a good choice for a change from "European" food.

    Melbourne, all good choices from what I know - Movida is very hot at the moment. Cafe di Stasio isn't far from the centre and is a good old favourtite. It is casual but with lots, and lots of class. The food is good as well.

    1. I love Universal. Truly unique restaurant, i mean the entire experience. From the staff to the amazing food. I've actually only been once but i really enjoyed it. Quay, the food is the standout (obviously the view is great too) but this is regarded by most Sydney chefs to be at the top of the Sydney game at the moment. Rockpool Bar and Grill in Sydney is definitely the HOT restaurant at the moment, and from what i hear, for good reason. I would stick with these 3 options in sydney and you won't go wrong.

      1. For Melbourne it depends on where you're staying - I'll assume you're in in the CBD and provide some directions from there.

        For breakfast/lunch I would recommend:

        Catching the #57 tram, get off on errol street and head down to Auction Rooms (103-105 Errol St - Great coffee excellent and intriguing menu options.

        Or stay on the #57 and get off on Racecourse rd, Newmarket and head to 'The Kitchen' another excellent cafe (really good coffee, poached eggs and hash-browns). Or Laksa King for the most authentic Curry Laksa outside of Malaysia.

        Alternatively catch the #1 or #8 trams and get off on Glenlyon rd for Sugardough Panificio and Patisserie (163 Lygon St, Brunswick East) - Pretty much everything at sugardough is excellent, I particularly recommend the selection of pies or the croque monsieur if you're fortunate enough to snag one, for sweet things go for the apple and rhubarb tartlet, bombilleni, treccia, cornetto or lemon and ricotta muffin. If you're feeling ambitious order their italian hot chocolate.
        Further up Lygon st is Small Block which offers a very nice pesto and persian fetta scramble. And good coffee.
        I would also recommend Rumi (116 Lygon St, brunswick) and Hellenic Republic (434 Lygon St, Brunswick East) for dinners.

        If you don't feel like straying beyond the CBD then head the Sally's Kitchen (292 Exhibition St) for lunch, There poached chicken with cos lettuce and housemade mayo is very comforting. Apart from that their menu changes from day to day but is always consistently good. Naturally (you may be noticing a theme) their coffee is very tasty.

        Sticking with the city - Espressino (Madam Brussels Lane, 50 Lonsdale St) is another good choice particularly on Thursdays and Fridays when to celebrate the end of the week offer two pasta specials. Yummy coffee and delightful sweet-nothings are also on offer along with a range of piadinas, pizza and salads.

        Benito's (445 Lt Collins St) - this is more of a dinner time option (although they may be open for lunch) it's hard to go past the duck leg ragu with papadelle.

        1. You couldn't really go wrong at either Quay or Aria, but Quay is generally considered to be the better of the two - indeed the best restaurant in the city. You should also consider Pier at Rose Bay - it has really lovely water views, but you won't see the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge. As others have mentioned, Icebergs has superb views at Bondi. Or you might like to try Otto at Wooloomooloo, or Pilu at Freshwater - at Freshwater Beach, about 25 mins out of town. The Wharf Restaurant is really lovely, but if you've got the money for Quay or Aria you should aim for that.

          Definitely give the Lord Nelson and Din Tai Fung a miss (Lord Nelson can be nice for a beer, but there's no real reason to eat there.) For your second Sydney night, you'd be much better off going to Sean's Panaroma, Longrain, A Tavola, Spice Temple or Rockpool Bar & Grill. The Sydney Longrain is def better than the Melbourne one, although the Melb one is still very good.

          In Melbourne, you should try at once to get into Cutler & Co in Fitzroy - absolutely superb. Otherwise there's Vue de Monde, The Press Club, Taxi, Cafe de Stasio, Cumulus Inc, Becco, MoVida or Bar Lourinha.

          Have a great Honeymoon!