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MSP farmers markets

They open this weekend and I'm curious what to expect during the first few weeks.

I know I'm going to be stopping at the Olive guy at the Minneapolis farmers market. I imagine those who bring imported goods will be there. Anything grown locally going to be there this weekend? Probably quite a few flowers no doubt?

When does the Mill City Market open up? That is one fabulous way to have breakfast. or lunch for that matter.

Yeah for spring and farmers markets!

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  1. Mill City farmers market opens on Mother's Day weekend.


    Scroll down the page to see a seasonal guide to MN produce (which starts in May). There's not a lot growing here in April, except perhaps in a greenhouse. But maybe someone would have some ramps or fiddlehead ferns?


    1. You might see radishes, green onions, and asparagus. The guy from Blue Earth has fabulous asparagus.

      1. St. Paul's market was all meat, cheese, eggs and potted plants. But I got some awesome cheese, a nice chicken, and a bone for the dog.

        1. It was pretty dead at the MPLS market on Saturday. There were a few vendors selling stuff that had been shipped in, and several vendors with potted rhubarb. Lots of potted plants and seedlings. Some cut flowers. All the food stands were up and running, as well the meat/egg/dairy vendors.

          Outside of that, nothing. Maybe a 1/4 of the stalls were filled.

          1. George the Olive Guy was there with his cheerful wife. They also had some fish tacos and brats, as well as meats and cheese. Lots of potted plants, as is usual the first few weeks.

            I don't care. This was year 8 of my annual tradition of walking the market on opening day. It's almost a holy moment, and I think I love it even more the first week when there's almost no one there. It gets crazy soon enough.

            1. For those interested, the Midtown Farmer's Market opens this Saturday.

              1. Has anyone seen many tomatoes at either of the Farmer's markets? I went last year to get some plants and found a wonderful vendor with several heirloom varieties. I was there is weekend and didn't see them... or at least I didn't think I did. The places with Tomatoes seemed to have very run of the mill varieties.

                Other places that sell a vast and varying selection of heirloom Tom plants would be appreciated. TIA!

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                  A great source for heirloom tomato plants is at the Friends School plant sale on Mother's Day weekend. (Alas, it's done and gone for this year, but put it on your calendar for next year!) I've seen a nice selection of heirloom tomatoes at Tangletown Gardens in S. Mpls. This is a nursery, not a farmers market, though.

                  Obligatory local food reference - Tangletown Gardens is across the street from Liberty Custard. However, I'm not a fan since a stop in February, when we had chocolate custard with ice chunks in it and no real chocolate flavor. I can forgive the ice chunks, since turnover is low in the winter, but no taste of chocolate in the chocolate custard?!?!?!? Not something I can get over. I wish we'd gone to Pumphouse Creamery instead. But I digress....

                  Back to the farmers' markets - if there's a market and vendor with heirloom and unusual plants, I'd love to know about it!


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                    The St. Paul market has a great vendor that has tons of heirlooms along with fantastic blueberry plants. I believe it is Heath Glen Organic Farm. She has not had them the past few weeks due to the cooler weather affecting when you can plant....I would expect to see them this weekend. St. Paul market is the best imho...all things need to be produced locally...ie...you won't see any bananas or grapes!!!

                    The Herb Guy has things I have not seen anywhere else...Lots of great native plants to be had too for your visual pleasure.

                    If you need bread - check out the organic onion and gorgonzola foccacia from the guy in the white van (Midnight Chocolate??) AMAZING!!

                    1. re: mngal

                      Slight correction here - sorry. All things need not be produced locally. If someone is producing a particular plant/vege/fruit/meat/etc. locally, they get the space. If no one is producing an item of interest locally, those outside the 70 mile radius can have a stand.

                  2. re: babaoriley7

                    I think that you're talking about Brewery Creek Nursery. I got my heirlooms from them for the last several years. The owner, Tim Kornder, passed away last winter and they're not selling anything this spring

                    I happened to drive through Belle Plaine a couple of weeks ago and saw the nursery was in severe disarray. I asked about the business at the Farmers Market and several vendors said that it seems unlikely that the family will re-open.

                    1. re: Kilgore

                      I found the tag from last years Tomato plant and you are correct... it was Brewery Creek. Their website says they are struggling to maintain what Tim did for the company. Best of luck to them.

                    2. re: babaoriley7

                      Last year I bought my heirloom tomato plants at the Mill City Farmer's Market. I have not been so far this year (just opened Mother's Day weekend), so cannot report if there are any there. Any reports??

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                        yes, i got 13 heirloom tomato plants at mill city (8 1st week, 5 2nd week), there are at least 5 different farms/stands selling them, including certified organic plants and many unusual heirlooms. i'm trying out a few new ones. also there were ramps, asparagus, radishes, early lettuces, morels, fiddleheads, and lots of other bedding plants & herbs at mill city. one of my tomato plants is already blooming. yay :)

                        1. re: soupkitten

                          Yay!! I will go there next weekend! Thanks so much, soupkitten. You always give me the good news.