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Apr 23, 2009 10:10 AM

breakfast in Westwood Village (near UCLA)

Any recommendations for some place other than Jerry's Deli, but still in that part of Westwood (near UCLA)?

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  1. standard greasy spoon: headlines

    1. You might check out the W Hotel. Easy walking distance from the campus.

      1. Breakfast is not the strength of the Westwood Village restaurant scene, unless you are content with coffee and a muffin or sweet of some sort from the Starbuck's, Coffee Bean, or one of the other coffeehouses. The best place for inexpensive muffins or cookies, Diddy Riese, is closed until at least midmorning. Headlines is not bad for simple eggs, pancakes, and potatoes, Novel Cafe might be a bit better, and Elysee is also right there, but all three are on various corners of Gayley and Kinross, a considerable walk from campus in an area where parking is difficult. Closer to campus but still not an easy in and out is Corner Bakery, on the west side of Westwood Blvd. Oh, the option open closest to campus is probably the Jose Bernstein's half a block south on Broxton -- they do eggs, omelets, etc. and aren't expensive. I'll be frank, if you have business on campus, by far the best option would be if you had a connection so you could be served at the Faculty Club, and a second option would be to get parked, get onto campus, and grab breakfast at Ackerman Union or one of the food cafes on campus.

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          Personally, I'd suggest Elysee as nosh lists. To me, three or four blocks isn't a long walk...

        2. Best breakfast in the area is at the Novel Cafe.

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              An omelette at the Novel Cafe in Westwood Village is priced on the website menu at $9.95. If Jerry's has validated parking so much closer, it is looking like a better deal all the time. (I'm not saying they validate parking for free, and you still may be quite a walk from where you want to be on campus.)

          1. I also recommend Novel Cafe and Elysee. They aren't THAT far from campus - just another block past Corner Bakery, which is a chain and even if you don't care about that, is also not very good, IMHO.

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            1. re: Cebca

              thanks all - and we will be eating and then driving onto campus for a meeting so walking distance is really not an issue

              1. re: Theo

                "and we will be eating and then driving onto campus for a meeting so walking distance is really not an issue"

                I am sure if the board had known that we would have had a lot of other suggestions for you as you seemed to ask only for recommendations near Jerry's Deli (and walking distance to and from campus). For instance, Junior's Deli at the corner of Westwood and Pico Blvd's would be one other place you could do easily.

                1. re: Servorg

                  If Junior's, then have your eggs with the marinated breakfast steak and thick-sliced cinnamon toast. Someone once said they have a good breakfast burrito, but in 25 years, I've never gotten past the steak and eggs.

                  1. re: Mel Gee

                    Our last 3 dinners at Junior's have resulted in me ordering the breakfast steak with eggs all 3 times. I am also the one who said he liked their breakfast burrito but you need the scrambled eggs done a bit on the easy side and I like to add avocado to it.

                2. re: Theo

                  I was gonna say ... if you're driving I suggest you *not* eat in the vicinity of Jerry's Deli.
                  1) Better food
                  2) better parking! Although Broxton does have that parking structure. Free 2 hours I think?

                  If the Coral Tree cafe in Brentwood is opening up any time soon, that'd be my rec, since you're driving anyway.

                  1. re: burumun

                    I've always found Coral Tree to be overpriced for what it is. For similar laid-back-but-delicious breakfasts at a much better price I would g o to Lazy Daisy Cafe, on Wilshire and Westgate (next to Wahoo's). They also have parking, and if the lot is full there is street parking on the residential streets just north.

                    1. re: Cebca

                      I've always loved the name but never got around to checking it out. Now I think I have to :)