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Apr 23, 2009 10:05 AM

[London] Looking for recs around Victoria/Belgravia

I'm looking for recomendations for a restaurant for lunch within 10 minutes walking or taxi from Victoria station.

Open to any type of cuisine, but because it's a business lunch it can't be a total dive. Price flexible---would like something nice but not Nobu-expensive.


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  1. I've always found The Ebury Wine Bar very reliable. My younger sister waitressed there in about 1987 and apparently the behind the scenes standards were then impeccable. Ok, I know that's a long time ago, but it remains good. Lovely pigeon on my last visit.

    Less than 10 mins. walk from Victoria station.

    1. Try The Mango Tree. Literally 5 mins round the corner from Victoria Station. Decent Thai food and good service and IMO a good place for a business lunch, the decor is very sleek and modern. And if you book through Toptable then you can get 50% off the total bill at lunch time!

      1. noura in hobart place is just about the best bet there is. elegant and good lebanese cuisine. its right next to the mango tree sissygreen mentions (i find it mediocre thai to be honest).

        1. I would also suggest Kazan for Turkish food in an upscale setting with very good food on Wilton Road and Memories of China for Chinese food and fast service on Ebury street. Olivio and Olivomare are said to be good, but I haven't personally been to either of them.

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            Thankfully you don't need some ethnic dive for a respectable business lunch in victoria. try the Goring. very old school british hotel, dining room designed by Linley, good cellar and very correct english fare.

            1. re: batfink23

              but a little too correct, don't you think? and an uninspired grill, sadly.

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              I vaguely remember seeing sea urchin (ricci di mare, irrc) on the menu of one of the Italian places in that neighbourhood (with a sardinian bent) -- I think it was Oliveto or something like that, perhaps one of those mentioned above -- across the street from Chocolate Society. Has anyone tried that dish and is it any good?

              1. re: limster

                I've made a reservation at Ebury--will let you know how it is!

                1. re: Lina

                  Next time, if you are looking for something a little unusual, why not check out The Vincent Rooms?


                  There are two restaurants, one quite formal, one quite casual and the food is produced at bargain prices by the students of Westminster college, a hospitality school which was created at the beginning of the 20th Century by Cesar Ritz and Escoffier

                  Can be very hard to get a table, but if you have enough notice, it is worth a try


                2. re: limster

                  Probably Olivomare. I've never been, but used to frequent Oliveto and Olivo regularly when I worked in that neighbourhood a long time ago. Both were very good.