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Apr 23, 2009 10:01 AM

Potenza or Siroc?

I'm planning ahead a little for Memorial Day weekend when my boyfriend will be in town next. He likes to try out new restaurants in the DC dining scene and I thought we might try one of the new Italian restaurants.

I've heard good things about Siroc from a friend who's gone for lunch a few times. But don't know anyone who has been for dinner.

Also haven't heard much about Potenza yet. (I think it might have just opened).

In your opinion, which would you choose?

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  1. hahaha well, the good news is that they're so close to each other you could just pick whichever happens to be less crowded. be spontaneous! go where the wind takes you.

    if you really feel like planning, i've heard a few complaints about strange service at potenza (see tom s.'s online chat yesterday) whereas i've yet to hear a single negative comment about siroc — and it's been open a bit longer than the other, so may be more reliable and consistent.

    1. oh oh oh! OR, since they're close to each other, you could do drinks/appz at one of them and then do dinner/dessert at the other! yay!

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        That's a good idea. The drinks and dessert at Potenza looked more interested then Siroc's.

      2. The atmospheres of the two are like yin and yang; Potenza was too big for its britches and felt cold and uninviting in the bar area that I sat in, whereas Siroc was very warm in the decor and services. Also, the service at Potenza was still a bit subpar, though understandably so, as I went the first week it opened and the server didn't quite know the menu that well.

        I felt that Siroc is better, especially if you like pasta. The chef there used to work with Roberto Donna and pasta is his specialty. You can order half-pastas to share, if you want to try various plates, whereas you can't at Potenza.

        The pasta at Potenza definitely tasted fresh, but not as refined and not as flavorful compared to Siroc's. The execution at Potenza was also mixed because the flavor of the sauce clashed with the pasta.

        Hope this helps.

        1. I had an excellent dinner a few months ago, including an excellent osso bucco and lobster ravioli. But only a so so lunch today. The duck and with truffles over polenta appetizer was outstanding. I mean possibly a great dish, to quote Joe H. But the scallops over a black pepper tagliatelle were overly salty. I mean really salty. When i was asked how my meal was II told them and they couldn't take it away fast enough and order me another plate. It came quickly but it too was quite salty and I don't know if it was because of the cooking water or what. I declined to tell them however,. I was not seeking a free meal. My friend on the other hand got the lamb ragu over fresh papardelle, which was tasty but it seemed to have no salt in the dish. go figure. I will not judge based on this one lunch but it was odd that the dishes today were either way too seasoned or not seasoned at all. I think it was an error that someone just did not catch and I do plan to eat there again based on the things I've had there that were excellent, and I like the space and service. I've never tried Potenza so can't comment.