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Buying caviar

I want to prepare a special meal for my hubby - with whom I am having "issues" - just to show I care- and one of his favourite things to eat is caviar on buckwheat blinis. I can take care of the blini part myself - but it's been ages since I bought caviar and have no clue where to go. I used to buy it at the fishmongers at the Atwater market - but I'm pretty sure they don't carry it anymore. I also bought some once at the fishmonger on the SouthWest edge of Jean Talon market next door to Capitol - but I don't think they have any anymore either.

Help Chows.

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  1. The Atwater fishmongers still carry it - better selection than the JTM place as the Atwater place has it en vrac rather than pre-packaged.


    1. Have you thought about La Mer? Their website claims they carry Caviar.

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        Well, I thought of a lot of places but don't have much time so I wanted one go to place that would have it for sure.

        I don't quite get "en vrac" caviar pyropaul - I don't think I've ever seen it sold that way. We're talking, real, honest to goodness caviar?

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          The Atwater fishmongers has huge tubs of caviar where you just tell them how many grams you want. I find 50-100g of salmon caviar keeps me going for a while :)


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            Yeah, um, I am not looking for salmon roe, I want real caviar. The expensive stuff. Salmon roe I can get at Bucharest or some grocery stores. Thanks though. I will call La Mer in the morning to see if they have.

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          I can't find their website - could you post the link please.


        3. I'm pretty sure I've seen various types of (Iranian?) caviar at Akhavan in the prepared-foods/fish counter. Not sure what the quality is like, I'm a caviar noob!

          1. When buying Caviar you have to be REAL careful because there is more fake Caviar out there than Louis Vuitton bags and Rolex watches.
            Iranian & Russian Caviar is a challenge to get because of the recent embargo and prices have increased greatly.
            They also have very high-end caviars from other places that are wonderful.
            The only place that I trust is a wholesaler Marche Transatlantique.
            They supply all the top places and if you buy a few things they will usually let you in their showroom.
            Make sure to bring someone to control you otherwise you will leave broke as they also carry Fois Gras and Truffles etc.
            I usually deal with Philippe
            Marché Transatlantique Inc
            9720, rue Waverly, Montréal, QC H3L 2V5
            Telephone : 514-287-3530

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              I second. I find them the best place to deal with for quality caviar.

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                Do they have molossol (less salty) hackieback?

                And what metro or bus is adjacent? Thanks!!!

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                  I order from them commercially, and they deliver. When I have been there I drive, so???

              2. i am pretty sure i have seen 1-4 different kinds of prepackaged caviar boxes everytime i have been to the fishmonger at marche at water. call them and ask what kind they have.

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                  I was at the Atwater market yesterday to buy other ingredients for the special meal. No caviar to be found. They recommened a place on Cote des Neiges- but didn't know the address. So I gave up. Instead, hubby got, what he deemed one of the best meals ever - anywhere!

                  Seared foie gras topped with a scallop wrapped in prosciutto with a titch of wasabi, drizzled with a wasabi/pomogranate molasses sauce as an app (instead of the caviar) and for a main, rabbit ragout with wild mushrooms, microgreen salad with a shallot and champagne vinegar vinaigrette and oven roasted grelots with sea salt and olive oil.

                  Would this be the way back to a man's heart??

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                    sure would with mine- he's always asking for rabbit and this girl does not do bunny.

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                      wow! you sound like a wonderful cook. The man is lucky. If that doesn't win him back, i am not sure he's worth keeping :)

                  2. i'd try Norref
                    4900 Rue Molson
                    Montreal, QC H1Y 3J8

                    (514) 908-1000
                    it was a pretty stocked place when i went last year but i'd call in advance just to make sure

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                      Norref wouldn't sell less than 50 grams. I'm looking to buy just 1 oz of sturgeon. Anyone knows if Atwater market would sell just an ounce?

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                        The have it en vrac, as it were, so you can buy as little or as much as you want. Though, to be clear, I've only bought salmon caviar this way so I'm not 100% sure they have sturgeon en vrac.

                        Hope this helps,


                    2. Bumping this thread...

                      So, what is still the best place for real caviar (whatever that means now). ?

                      I probably will not have the time to go to a lot of places tomorrow, what about around JTM or maybe at Falero ?


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                        I believe I saw a sign at Falero the other day saying $89.99 for 4 oz. Not sure about the origin or type.

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                          And you thought we had trouble.Most of the Iranian Caviar business has been taken over by Organized crime and it is very hard to find good Caviar (Osetra is my favorite) Brown's Trading in Portland Maine is probably the most dependable in North America but expensive.Here in Montreal I go see Ari at Marche Arkhavan.They have decent Iranian Caviar most of the time and they do the importing.

                      2. I do not recommend buying Iranian caviar. THE place to buy real authentic Russian caviar is La Foumagerie (4906 Sherbrooke West) in Westmount. It's expensive but you are getting the real product.

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                          Russia has a ban on Wild Caviar only Azerbaijan and Iran sell it. Sounds like you are buying farmed Caviar at Foumagerie.

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                            I don't have problems with farmed Russian caviar -- it tastes as good as wild, if not better since the sturgeon is on a strict healthy diet. It's also more environmentally friendly.

                        2. Sorry to be bumping this.. I've tried suggestions in this old thread and then some. Zilch. Nada. Plenty of offerings from Canada, Spain, Israel, or the US though.

                          There are a couple of places that sell on-line but I want to make sure that this is my only option before ordering. I'm old enough to remember a time when it was fairly easy to find caviar in Montreal. Even the grocery store in Eaton's basement had it.

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                          1. re: HoundChow2

                            "Plenty of offerings from Canada, Spain, Israel, or the US though"

                            Does this mean you're looking for non-Canadian, non-Spanish, non- etc etc caviar and perhaps only Russian Caviar (or Caspian or whatever)?

                            Or does this mean you can get caviar in general in Canada, Spain, Israel, etc, but not Montreal at all?

                            Don't know much about caviar, but what about Imperial House of Caviar on Guin?
                            I just tasted their kelp caviar which tastes like dirt, but apparently they offer farm-raised sturgeon caviar...

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                              Sorry I was not very clear. In the old days "caviar" only referred to Caspian Sea wild sturgeon eggs. Not salmon, not canadian sturgeon, and not farmed. But I agree that the word is used more loosely nowadays.

                              I'm looking for caviar imported from Russia or Iran (theoritically from Azerbaijan or Turkmenistan as well). Following CITES traditional caviar has almost vanished from the market except for a few web sites like these: caviar.bc.ca , or www.beverlyhillscaviar.com .

                              The Gouin place seems to have a very acceptable substitute and I shall absolutely try it. Thank you very much for the tip, friend!

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                                I used to buy caviar in a small Russian grocery store called Krazy Cmak that was right next to the M&M Meat Shop on Somerled. Haven't been in years, but you should try calling them and see if they have what you are looking for.

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                                  most of the so called Iranian/Russian caviar out there on the market is fake and/or of suspect quality. Personally I would just opt for the farmed Canadian sturgeon when buying in Montreal (one from New Brunswick and another from BC). Amazing product, somewhat more sustainable and at least you know you're getting the real thing with quality control.

                                  I had the opportunity to try Russian Ossetra and Beluga in Moscow this past summer and the difference vs the Canadian farmed is quite subtle.