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I-95 quick off/on-good eats?

Travelling from Bridgeport area to Boston and need a stop for quick but good food--any thoughts? will be around lunch...

ethnic, grinders(subs), hot dogs...?
hidden gems?



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  1. One of my favorite sushi places is Wild Ginger in Orange. It's maybe three miles off I-95 and so worth the slight detour.

    Try the salad madness (spicy tuna tartare with mango sauce) or any of the sushi roll specials.

    1. Super Duper Weenie in Bridgeport/Fairfield (exit 24)

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      1. re: A avenue

        good idea, but a backtrack for us, starting a bit farther north

      2. Another one you may already know about is Gaetano's Salumeria/Deli in Stratford. REALLY excellent grinders and sandwiches. Can't miss. I don't get down to that area often, but when I do, I always head for Gaetano's.

        Gaetano's Salumeria
        1886 Main St, Stratford, CT 06615

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          Travel the Merrritt, and go to the Glenwood off exit 61 great dogs fried seafood, burgers etc.
          If you do go 95 Lenny & joes in Madison off exit 61

        2. If pizza is quick enough, Pepe's in Fairfield.

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          1. The diner (and "vegetarian enclave") at the Goose Lane exit in Guilford. It's one of the better diners around -- and only partly vegetarian.

            1. The Taco trucks at the Long Wharf exit in New Haven. Great food and it doesn't get any quicker for on & off.

              1. thanks everyone, will be keeping these places in mind, as this trip we got detoured up to the merrit, and 91....should get recs for those exits at some point, in case detour takes me that way from bridgeport to boston in the future