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Apr 23, 2009 09:35 AM

I-95 quick off/on-good eats?

Travelling from Bridgeport area to Boston and need a stop for quick but good food--any thoughts? will be around lunch...

ethnic, grinders(subs), hot dogs...?
hidden gems?



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  1. One of my favorite sushi places is Wild Ginger in Orange. It's maybe three miles off I-95 and so worth the slight detour.

    Try the salad madness (spicy tuna tartare with mango sauce) or any of the sushi roll specials.

    1. Super Duper Weenie in Bridgeport/Fairfield (exit 24)

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      1. re: A avenue

        good idea, but a backtrack for us, starting a bit farther north

      2. Another one you may already know about is Gaetano's Salumeria/Deli in Stratford. REALLY excellent grinders and sandwiches. Can't miss. I don't get down to that area often, but when I do, I always head for Gaetano's.

        Gaetano's Salumeria
        1886 Main St, Stratford, CT 06615

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        1. re: kattyeyes

          Travel the Merrritt, and go to the Glenwood off exit 61 great dogs fried seafood, burgers etc.
          If you do go 95 Lenny & joes in Madison off exit 61

        2. If pizza is quick enough, Pepe's in Fairfield.

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          1. The diner (and "vegetarian enclave") at the Goose Lane exit in Guilford. It's one of the better diners around -- and only partly vegetarian.