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Apr 23, 2009 09:25 AM


My son's college golf team will be visiting Atlanta this week for four days. They need suggestions for great Southern food thats reasonably priced. Thanks

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  1. Much will depend on where they are staying and how much time they will have to get around. More info would help.

    1. I know this is a little late, but I thought I'd reply just in case anyone else wanted to know the same thing. I'm a college student so hopefully I'll be of help.

      The one collegiate must-eat-at in Atlanta is The Varsity. Their chili dogs, burgers, and "frosted oranges" are an ATL tradition, and I think ANYONE visiting the city has to experience it. The menu is cheap and the eating is good.

      If they are looking to go a little nicer, have them check out Livingston Restaurant in Midtown at breakfast or lunch.

      For southern cuisine, check out Horseradish Grill or Canoe.

      And honestly, the closest thing to my mama's cooking is Cracker Barrel. :)

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        My wife and a bunch of girl friends tried the Livingston weekend brunch recently. Despite the itemized menu that shows on their site, all that was available was a $25 steam table buffett. They liked the setting, but $25 for eggs (that'd been sitting there for too long) was nuts.

        1. re: ted

          Oh wow. I've heard it was great at dinner, but I suggested it for lunch because it was cheaper. I'll have to remember that!

        2. re: tiffanygf88

          I went to The Varsity after seeing it on the Travel Channel. I couldn't have been more disappointed. I LOVE me a good chili dog, and these were a serious step DOWN from a plain ol' Oscar Myer with some Hormel chili on top. I'm all about tradition (I'm from Memphis and we love our BBQ), but The Varsity is one of those "hyped up" places, IMHO.

          1. re: sierraskyesmom

            Couldn't disagree more. The Varsity totally lives up to the hype for me.

            1. re: sierraskyesmom

              The Varsity is world class I have great difficulty believing anyone would say it doesn't live up to it's hype. I've Eaten Dawgs at The beacon in Spartanville SC, At Skins in Anderson SC, Nuway in Macon Ga, Superdawg in Chicago, Skips Hot Dogs in Avondale Estates Ga, Nathans Famous Hot Dogs in NY and at Pinks in Los Angeles, I can assure you every one of them more than meets the Hype. The Varsity didn't get to be the worlds largest drive in restaurant by just being OK They've been around since 1928 It takes a little more than An Oscar Mayer wiener with some Hormel chili on it.