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Morcilla/Blood Pudding

I adore what we call blood pudding in England and after having returned from Argentina and Uruguay am craving same. Could you tell me what restaurants serve it?

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  1. Not a restaurant, but Despana carries a tasty morcilla.

    1. La Rural has good stuff.

      1. They make morcilla in house at 10 Downing. It's delicious.

          1. Balthazaar has it at brunch

            1. Bar Carrera in the EV has an amazing blood sausage, I believe they opened a second location somewhere in Soho, I have yet to check it out...

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                  Thanks to everyone! Despana has piqued my interest, I'd never heard ot it.

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                    They usually have samples at the counter if you want to try it before buying a package. Alternatively you can have a pintxo made at the deli counter in back.

                2. Hey....I'm looking for some Morcilla (this might be an outerborough question, but I'm sure wash heights or inwood might be perfect)

                  Buying morcilla at a butcher in Brooklyn, the guy behind the counter said it was much better in his country (Guatemala).

                  Now...is there some random Latin market where I can buy excellent morcilla?

                  Thanks! Seriously craving morcilla.

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                    You will find morcilla in the meat section in any supermarket in a Latino neighborhood, from the East Village to the Heights. Often comes in a white casing, but it's the same thing. I particularly recommend the Luis meat stand in Essex Market (not Jeffrey's).

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                      thanks! always worth making a trip to essex market. especially if i can also go to jeffrey's meats.