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Staying in Orlando at the Doubletree on Major Blvd

matika Apr 23, 2009 09:16 AM


I am attending a conference in Orlando in Mid-may at the Doubletree on Major Blvd. Looking for dining recommonedations, and at least one place which would accomodate a group of 10-12 people. Food is the priority. We also could take a reasonable cab ride .


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    oneofthesedaysAlice RE: matika Apr 23, 2009 10:27 AM

    There's nothing within walking distance. Emeril's (Universal) is minutes away and so is Tchoup Chop. Both are decent, but I doubt either is going to wow you. There's a stretch of Sand Lake Boulevard, a five-minute cab ride away, that has a ton of choices of all price ranges: Roy's and Christini's on the very $$$ side, Bravo (somewhat loud but more reasonably priced) and the Samba Room. You'll be disappointed if you go to Anthony's.

    1. NY P8ntball RE: matika Apr 24, 2009 08:49 PM

      to your east about 5 miles is Millenia Mall which has Italian, cheese cake, PF Changs, blue mrtini, Cali Pizza kitchen and some others on the surrounding property.
      Walking distance is Sbarro's sit down place called Carmella's. Decent pizza and pastas.
      a good walk, recommended for morning or early afternoon, is Le Peep for breakfast.
      then if you head south on Kikmann, hit up GOAL brazilian churascaria.

      what price range do you want to work with

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        matika RE: NY P8ntball May 4, 2009 11:21 AM

        Thanks - Dinner can be in the $35 price range

      2. m
        melpadilla RE: matika May 5, 2009 01:39 PM

        All these are good suggestions as that is what is around this area. I work right by the DoubleTree and be a little careful walking around this area in the evening as the neighborhoods surrounding the area aren't very nice and the crime tends to be high. Be aware of your surroundings and try to stay in a group especially if female.

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          LargeLife RE: melpadilla May 5, 2009 01:59 PM

          Take a quick cab ride over to Winter Park and eat at The Ravenous Pig. It may well be the best dining establishment in Central Florida and that's not just my opinion.....the critics agree! It's an American Gastronomic Pub and if you don't go "Pig Wild" you can eat there for $35 to $45 dollars......The menu is eclectic and fluid....Their appetizers are to die for.....Their biscuits are like buttah....and they're known to serve some micro brews that are top notch.....Live a little....


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            matika RE: LargeLife May 5, 2009 03:28 PM

            Thanks - I have heard about the Ravenous Pig and it sounds great. Any opinion on Seasons 52, Taquito Jalisco, Spice Cafe, Cafe Tu Tu Tango, or Citrus. I think one night a group of 6 will go out and another night a group of 10 - 12.


            1. re: matika
              kkachurak RE: matika May 5, 2009 05:10 PM

              I was going to say: hit up Tu Tu Tangos. It can accommodate large groups well and the tapas style service makes it fun and interesting. You get to taste lots of different dishes if your group is up for sharing. And the food? It won't blow your mind, but it gets the job done with some fresh and seemingly new combinations.

              If they still have it, try the banana pizza for dessert.

        2. h
          herbert1 RE: matika May 6, 2009 08:12 PM

          There is a good indian restaurant next to you, walking distance. Tabla, I will say that it isn't very appealing as far as atmosphere, but they do a very good job on food quality, and have a daily lunch buffet that is a very good deal.

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          1. re: herbert1
            bigdnotemeril RE: herbert1 May 7, 2009 06:22 AM

            If your an Oyster lover you have got to hit LEE AND RICKS HALF SHELL OYSTER BAR. Its about a 20 to 30 min ride . A great local dive, fun atmosphere,very reasonable,so the prices will offset the cab fare. Just google for directions and reviews. I worked in the area 6 months and visited about 20 times. Also for A pretty darn good all you can eat buffet that serves everything THE CARVING STATION In Kissimmi.

          2. h
            haaamean RE: matika May 9, 2009 08:37 AM

            Pollo Pio Pio is a nice place on Kirkman just South of I-Drive on the left- they have Peuvian Pollos a la Brasa. It's kind of a small place but they've been there a very long time now(something not usual for the area). Everything I've had here is good.

            The Ravenous Pig is a great choice and at least you'll get to see the real city on the way. I don't care for Citrus. As for Tu Tu Tango, they have the selection to keep the meal interesting. I don't think the flavor is that over the top good, but it's a worthy choice.

            I know it's a chain but I also like Texas de Brasil. Their Picanha'c are great, but I'm really impressed by their salad bar and soups (usually feijoada)

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