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Apr 23, 2009 09:01 AM

Best steak tartare for lunch in SF?

Looking for a place that might serve it as an app as opposed to main course just for reasons of portion size. I know Chez Papa Resto does a good one anywhere else?

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  1. It's on the Epic Roasthouse lunch menu as an appetizer for $12.50. I've never tried it though.

    1. Bix and Cafe Claude both have appetizer portions. Not sure if Bix serves it for lunch though. With Cafe Claude, you have an option of two sizes.

      Cafe Claude
      7 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108

      56 Gold St., San Francisco, CA 94133

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        I've had it for lunch at Bix and it is fantastic. It's still on their website menu so I assume they are serving it.

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          Last year I traveled to London, Lyon, Barcelona, and Geneva. I had tartar in every city (at some very well-known establishments) and NONE could compare with Bix's. It is a standard for them and it is best to ask to have it mixed tableside. Sometimes, when they get busy, it is served already assembled which loses part of the fun...

      2. Jeanty's is great. I can't remember how big the portion was.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Had it at dinner again recently, the portion ($18.50 I think) was massive, like a soup dish full. My favorite traditional version, as opposed to the Chez Papa Resto version, which is sweeter and more "dressed," but also good.

        2. I've had the steak tartare at Epic and it was one of the worst I've ever eaten and I've had my fair share. I just had BIX last night and they do serve it for lunch. The presentation, taste and price is #1 on my list. They even spray cognac after mixing the ingredients, the presentation is amazing.


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            I second Jeanty's. Portion is ample because it's so rich.