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Looking for outdoor lunch in northern westchester...any recs?

Now that the weather is getting nicer, looking for a place to have lunch where we can sit outside. Been to Cunninghams in Mahopac,. Sat outside at Ricks seafood but didnt really enjoy the parking lot atmosphere. Has anyone tried Sunset House in Peekskill? Looking to go anywhere from Peekskill, Croton, on up to the Cold Spring area.

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  1. (Not quite northern westchester, but...)
    Red Hat in Irvington is perfect for an outdoor lunch. The grilled french cut chicken breast with couscous and grilled veggies is delicious, and my friend swears by the salmon burger. The view is absolutely lovely -- umbrella tables right on the Hudson. Check out attached photo...

    1. Henry's on the Hudson in Peekskill is pleasant.
      Further south, I like Sunset Cove in Tarrytown.

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        Yes, the view from Henry's on Hudson is beautiful, not sure about the food, I think I ate there once while it was under that name awhile back. If you want to spend a few bucks I'm pretty sure Monteverde has outdoor seating but I'm not sure if they are opened for lunch. OK just checked their website and it looks like they are opened for lunch....... http://www.monteverderestaurant.com/m...

      2. Not sure where Sunset House in Peekskill is, also where is Ricks? I know I've been reading about the Boat House in Ossining, not sure if they have an outdoor dining area. Do you want to be just outside or outside by the water? I think they still have a setup for outdoor dining at Umani Cafe in Croton.

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          Boat House in Ossining does have a few outside tables. You might call and reserve, 'cause I can't imagine they can fit more than 4-5 tables there.

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            Not exactly sure where sunset house is. Saw it on restaurants.com. Ricks is in mahopac off of rt 6, a few doors down from a liquor store. Its basically a fish market with tables inside. The fish is really fresh and a good value for lunch. I have been there for dinner as well and its always crowded. Its BYOB so having the liquor store there can be a good thing! I have eaten at Umami and will go back soon. Passed the boat house the other day. How is the food?

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              Haven't been there - saw from a distance last night after flick at Paramount, and with tables/chairs outside, looked rather jolly. Menu looks pretty ordinaire.

            2. Willy Nicks in Katonah

              1. Don't recall the name, but the restaurant at the old Cold Spring train station has nice outdoor seating. Regular sandwiches, salads, burgers, etc., but a pleasant vibe.

                1. Cold Spring has a number of great outdoor places.... The Foundry Cafe for breakfast or brunch. The belgian waffles are a must! The Riverview is off the beaten trail of Main Street, it can be found on Stone Street ( I believe) and can be as casual or elegant with the dining as you want, a very diversified menu. The bread pudding is a must there! It's a little pricey but worth every penny. At the bottom of Main Street is The Hudson House but they have minimal outside dining. Cold Spring parking is an issue in the peak months, so, give yourself some time or take the train.

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                    The nicest outdoor eating in the area that I know of is at Peter Pratt's Inn in Yorktown Heights--they have a lovely patio in a great setting.

                    In Peekskill the Bean Runner Cafe has a nice backyard area and some very tasty salads and sandwiches. Also In Peekskill, PJ Kelly's in the old train station has a great outdoor eating area--great view of the river and the trains zip by--but the food is just OK. Also, the Division Street Grill, 12 Grapes, and Reuben's Mexican all have tables on the sidewalk.

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                      I'm fairly sure that Pratt's is not open for lunch.

                      One possibility is Murphy's in Yorktown. They have an outdoor patio in the back which seems to be somewhat private. I've never eaten out there so you probably want to call and make sure it's open.

                      Bella Vita on Route 6 in Mohegan Lake also has outdoor dining but I am not sure if it's open yet or for lunch. Applebee's on Route 6 also has outdoor tables.

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                        Thx all for the recs. I never knew about the bean runner and checked the website, looks cute. PJ Kellys is nice to sit outside but the food really isnt all that great. Been to Division st for dinner, didnt know they did lunch as well. I will leave my thoughts of 12 grapes alone for the moment as they are posted on another thread. Needless to say, I was not happy with the 2 visits for dinner. Murphys is always a stand by and the food isnt too bad. Didnt know that Bella Vita was open for lunch. Had dinner there, just ok. I did have lunch at Mediterranean taverna in Ossining and the food was really very good and the price was reasonable for what we had. It was too bad that the outside seating wasnt ready yet but I will be back soon.

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                          I just thought of another one, have you ever been to Julianna's in Cortlandt Manor? The food is good and I think in the warm weather they do outdoor seating out in the front as you first walk in, although I would call to double check that, I know the previous restaurant that was there use to.

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                            I've been wanting to try Juliannas. Are they open for lunch or just dinner? Either way, going to give it a try, thx

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                                No, sorry Julianna's is not opened for lunch. They only serve dinner and I believe they are closed Tuesday and Wednesdays. Also I just read on another thread that Kelly's at the Peekskill train station is closing. So there goes another outdoor venue.
                                I just thought of that Italian restaurant/pizzeria in Croton on Grand St., next to St. Mary's Church, I think it is Bella Paula. As far as I know it's still opened, I've only been there once and it was good. I know that they use to have the outdoor seating on the side of the building because when I would park in the back parking lot and walk up to go to church I would always see the Cinzano umbrellas for the outdoor seating and it reminded me of Italy, it's nothing fancy mind you but it is/was outdoor seating.

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                        In Cold Spring I also like Brasserie le Bouchon. The food is good and the garden is like eating in someone's back yard.

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                          I have yet to go there,but have spoken to a good amount of people who enjoy the restaurant also!

                      3. La Fontaine in Somers(same owner as Blue Dolphin in Katonah) both with outdoor seating. Le Jardin in Chappaqua andWoodys on Main in Mt.Kisco