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Apr 23, 2009 08:28 AM

Best Pastry Shops in New Haven Area

Dark Chocolate, crosissants with lots of real butter, and other yummies?

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  1. Hey nbermas,
    You can try Lucibello's on the Fair Haven/Wooster Square line or, of course, Libby's, on Wooster St. Both highly praised Italian bakeries. Make sure to open your window at the stop light outside Lucibello's.....mmmm! Judie's on Grove St. has amazing, freshly baked bread, as does Atticus on Chapel. Aside from these two places, I think it's a shame New Haven lacks a really awesome little bakery to grab a croissant, cupcake, or cookie.

    1. Marjolaine on State Street is very good traditional French pastry.

      Judie's also has some handmade all-butter sweet buns and things like that.

      1. The SONO Bakery is at the CitySeed Farmers Market in Wooster Square. Starting May 16th the market takes place every Saturday from 9am-1pm. Everything i've had from the SONO bakery has been amazing. They have croissants, tarts, scones and all sorts of fabulous things. I love the Kouing-Aman which is like a croissant crossed with a palmier.

        Here's the link to the farmers market.

        1. Marjolaine in New Haven has delectable Pain Au Chocolate and other pastries. They are, by far, the best patisserie/bakery in the New Haven area. Don't bother with Lucibello's - crusty, fatty, hard-as-cardboard, over sugared baked goods. It's not like anything one gets in Italy.

          As far as SONO Bakery in South Norwalk- I don't trust a place that refers to Tarte Tartin as "Apple Pizza!' Not being a snob but I'm just saying.......

          1. Pastry Fusion in North Branford. The guy is a real talent.