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Apr 23, 2009 08:10 AM

Grace & Tony's - Seymour CT

Has anyone been yet? They are where Mama Mia used to be in the Oxmour Plaza on Rt. 67.

WICC 60 has them as a 1/2 off restaurant. any reviews?

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  1. My co-workers went last week. No one had pizza, all had dinners. Everyone gave their meals a thumbs up. I will try and get more info.

    1. Co-workers said the food was good. Nothing great. They all had pasta dinners, but did say they would go back and try the pizza. Their 2 complaints were it needs more atmosphere, and instead of Italian bread they were served crispy triangle shaped "crackers". In the next few weeks we decided to go and try their pizza. I am looking forward to trying it myself.

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