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Apr 23, 2009 07:59 AM

Let's go dippin' now, everybody's learnin' how: Favorite Dip Recipes

Let's collect dip recipes. I see them here and there on CH, but not in a consolidated place.

goodhealthgourmet's Spicy Black Bean Dip is an obvious classic:

Any of the layered dips that start with cream cheese, then add chili meat and shredded cheese on top are always big hits (I like it even better when I make it with my own taco/chili meat).

What are your tried and true favorite dips--hot or cold, savory or sweet? I recently got hooked on Pretzel Crisps and this is as good a time as any to look for new ways to dip 'em!

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  1. I just tried the Barefoot Contessa Pan-Fried Onion Dip that everyone raves about. I have to say that it was fine enough, but certainly not amazing. Perhaps I didn't cooked the onions enough...

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    1. re: newfoodie

      I was underwhelmed by that one too. It needed more... something. It was very dull and lacking any brightness.

      1. re: irishnyc

        I love Ina, but I tried it too, a while ago and ...

        Carmelize the onions well, that is KEY. Not carmelized makes it boring and flavorless. I also added black pepper and a dash or red pepper flakes to give it a kick. But the carmelization is the key. I did mine for over 30 minutes to get a good rich flavor.

        1. re: kchurchill5

          I did too, because that's how I like onions done. Maybe it was the onions I used? I'd definitely give it another try before writing it off completely.

          1. re: irishnyc

            Same here, I used a good yellow onion and carmelized really good. But that is a key

      2. re: newfoodie

        I was disappointed. Same reaction as you, irishnyc and I did caramelize the onion well. Maybe it's just not my thing... but then, I'm always into wildly rich dips and onion flavors!

        1. re: newfoodie

          This is good to know because it was on my list of things to make soon. Have you found a better recipe yet, or have you tried it again after caramelizing your onions more?

          1. re: DishDelish

            I was disappointed in Ina's version too. This one from William Sonama never let's me down. It also gets better with time.

        2. My fave, aside from hummus and tzatziki, is this Romesco dip: a delicious way to use up leftover bread. :)

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          1. re: maplesugar

            That does look fab--and I love your other faves, too. Another goodie is the pureed cannelini beans with garlic. Mmmmm!


            One of my favorites - hot crab dip. We don't buy the lump crabmeat, though - we catch our own crabs off our dock (lots cheaper that way!). But so delicious. Also love the addicting spinach dip made with Knorr's vegetable soup mix, and homemade hummus with toasted pine nuts. And that stupid velveeta cheese-rotel tomato dip in the crock pot.
            Maybe with an added can of Hormel chili.

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            1. re: bayoucook

              Oh, sure, rub it in that you can catch your own crabs from your own dock--I'll bet it's out of this world! I like all the trash, too--the Knorr's spinach dip (alkapal, we're calling you!!!) AND the Velveeta one. I get that it's not real cheese, but I just don't care--it TASTES SO GOOD! :) I never added the can of chili, but am sure that's great, too. We used to make a meal out of the Velveeta dip when I was in college.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                We did too! My cousins and I still do sometimes.
                I do love that we can catch our own crabs - it seems silly not to. We always have because we lived on a natural beach before Katrina took it away. No matter how cheap they are I can't bear to pay for them except for the occasional lb. of lump for special recipes. Most times, we're lucky enough to catch our fish dinner here too - redfish, trout, flounder - if the bugs don't eat us first!

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  I stopped eating Velveeta when I found out what colour it is before they add the artificial food colouring.

                  It's clear. Yuk.

                  1. re: coliwoggle

                    Tlhat won't stop me, but that's weird!

                    1. re: bayoucook

                      Definitely wierd, but with rotel and chips ... sorry I still will eat every last bite, clear or not. But other than that, not much else

                  2. re: bayoucook

                    Hot crab yes
                    The stupid spinach dip in a bread bowl. I could eat that for dinner, yes bayoucook, I agree
                    Fresh hummus is totally addictive
                    velveeta cheese, rotel, yes bayou, I'm right there, the whole bowl just set it in front of me
                    I love cream cheese salsa and pepper jelly
                    Cream cheese, pesto and sun dried tomatoes
                    Chick peas and roasted garlic and onions
                    Artichoke dip
                    Roasted red pepper and Cream cheese dip
                    Seven layer Mexican dip

                    These are my favorites ... and will never change. Most my own recipe, but I'm sure they are just from the package or hand me downs so I can't take much credit for originality, but they are standards that I love.

                    I will always and continue to make them all the time as it isn't just me that love these standards, everyone does. And I'm sure I missed some.

                    1. re: kchurchill5

                      K! How could I forget 7 layer dip!? I must be losing it!

                      1. re: bayoucook

                        Classic, I could eat the entire thing if you let me!!

                    2. re: bayoucook

                      next time try the queso with velveeta, rotel, and fried up sausage (the kind that comes raw in the plastic wrapper). that is a standard for us during football season!

                      1. re: raygunclan

                        Yum. I will. Seems like you can do all sorts of things to that one.

                        1. re: bayoucook

                          I stir in some sour cream at the end, creamy and makes it just YUMMY, but hey it is velveeta and tomatoes, what could be bad about that. Cream cheese is also good added in.

                          My friend makes a dip (never got the recipe, but she makes it in a small casserole dish of, Sausage (spicy) sauteed with onions, then a layers of the velveeta, then a layers of salsa or rotel, then a layers of something mixed with cream cheese and I think it was green chilis, just a small can but I can't be sure, then repeat. Then she bakes just for a few minutes until everything heats up. She always served it in a glass bowl and it is so pretty and amazing ... I wish I knew how to contact her to get the recipe.

                          Same basic idea but it is like a seven layer with a twist.

                            1. re: bayoucook

                              same here. never got the recipe but you could tell basically what it was. She came to our football parties and it was always gone, just with tortilla chips. She moved and none of us or her friends ever heard from her. She said she was moving to the Bahamas but that was 6 yrs ago, MIA? But her recipe definitely lives on.

                        2. re: raygunclan

                          *sigh*. Yum. I can feel my veins occluding already. Sounds heavenly.

                      2. Feta Artichoke Dip that ironically came from the Athenos Feta package lid

                        Buffalo chicken dip from the Frank's hot sauce website

                        1. Spinach and smoked salmon dip. And since smoked salmon is too expensive for me, here's my recipe:

                          1 can salmon (not smoked). I find it cheap at trader joes
                          1 tin kippers or anchovies (drained)
                          a teaspoon or 2 of smoke flavor
                          fresh or dry dill to taste (I usually find a big handfull of fresh or a tablespoon of dried is about right)
                          A good amount of fresh pepper
                          Juice from 1/2 a lemon (about 1-2 tablespoons)
                          2 bunchs of fresh spinach (well, frozen's fine too). If fresh, into the boiling water until just wilted, then chopped fine and squeezed really well.
                          Equal amounts cream cheese and mayo. Maybe some sour cream or yogurt if I have them in the fridge.

                          So far I've not told anyone but you guys I don't use real smoked salmon, hehe. It's always a big hit at parties and disappears.