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Jul 9, 2004 03:31 PM

Tarzana, Encino

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Howdy. I have searched the archives to not much avail. I want to have a Friday dinner with the pups and their Grandma tonight in this area. Ethnic is fine. No chains. Nothing too pricey and a place that either won't be terribly crowded around 6:30 or takes reservations.

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  1. For someplace VERY casual, you can try Chili My Soul at Balboa and Ventura (NE corner). It's definitely not pricey.

    1. I think that you should try ENCINO - two new eateries.

      With 2 kids in tow - try THE STAND on Ventura west of Balboa - employees in chef's whites serve up gourmet hamburgers, dogs (chicken sausage etc.)on fresh baked buns, and upscale gourmet salads with desserts(pecan pie ala mode, cheesecake and fresh fruit cobbler) - nicely done retro feel. Patrons can dine inside or alfresco beneath strands of dimly lit backyard lights.

      The Stand - 17000 Ventura Blvd.
      phone: 818-788-2700. here is the link:

      OR -

      KATSY-YA (2nd location comes from the noted STUDIO CITY KATSU-YA)just opened on Ventura just WEST OF HAVENHURST on the south east corner of RUBIO next to the BAJA FRESH. they have done a FABULOUS JOB with the interior. Mixed menu of sushi items AND for those folks who are not sushi types - cooked items, as well. good price point. They also have a children's menu. Still needs a little help with the service - language - but otherwise attentive.

      16542 Ventura Blvd Encino, CA 91436-2005
      phone: 818 788-2396

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        The Dip may be difficult for a group (out doors and limited seating) but they're kid-friendly, and the food is very good. Last weekend, my family had a gathering in Encino, and everyone from my two year old nephew to my 87 year old grandma was very happy with the food.
        Me, I had half a potroast dip, half a pastrami, and half a veggie dip. All very, very good.
        14333 Ventura.

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        1. re: cookiemonster

          Not to be a nit-pick but The Dip is actually in Sherman Oaks and several months ago, we busted the owners or someone closely involved for shilling here.

          I second the recommendation for The Stand, it's a really fun place especially if kids are in tow.

          1. re: cookiemonster

            The Dip is in Sherman Oaks, and while the food is good, the parking sucks, especially when the car wash adjacent to it is busy, which is most of the time. Ambiance is zero, unless traffic congestion is your thing. In Encino, there is a newer hamburger place, yes a chain(smallish), but the Hamburger Habit from Ventura just recently opened in the former KooKooRoo building, as did Daphne's. Try the burger, if that kind of food has interest.

            1. re: carter

              Oh, no, not Daphne's... it's the kind of Greek food that you'd find in a mall food court.

          2. I highly recommend Los Tapatios, in Tarzana. Ventura Blvd. a half mile or so west of Reseda in a strip mall on the north side of the street.

            This is a very good, very simple Mexican tacqueria with sit down service and a full menu of Mexican favorites. Authentic and inexpensive. Alas, no beer.

            1. 3rd the rec on the Stand -- Especially for summer months when you can sit outside.

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              1. re: Angstone

                Sigh. Was there really a need to reopen a two-year old thread to add that comment?

                For anyone who reads this thinking it is recent information, it is not. Los Tapatios (RIP) has been closed for more than a year.

                1. re: Jwsel

                  As opposed to starting a new thread that said that, which makes even less sense?

                  1. re: Das Ubergeek

                    No, but if the poster really had something useful to say about the Stand, he or she might have actually provided some substantive comments. If all he or she had to say is what was posted, the poster might have thought about whether it was necessary to post at all.

                    1. re: Jwsel

                      I plan to bookmark this thread and bring it back to the top in the summer months ... when you can sit outside (j/k)

                      1. re: Jwsel

                        Ha, I know i'm adding to the torture of this re-opened thread, but: it's ironic that actually, the summer months in Encino are actually the worst months to dine outside at the Stand in Encino, in my opinion. 110 degrees in July and August, compared to a cool 85 degrees in January, anybody? ;-)