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Apr 23, 2009 06:23 AM

Where to go in Miami...

I finally snagged a date with someone that I've been trying to meet for awhile now..
He's a native Miamian, as I am..
We're not into tourists, crowds..
He lives in Homestead, me in Hollywood.

I thought maybe we could meet halfway, somewhere in Miami.
But where?
on the Miami River?

Anyone have a suggestion?
menu, not important...
Miami flavour, a must...

thank you.
Shirley U. Jest

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  1. lunch date or dinner date, and is there a price range?

    1. Shirley>

      Dates - low key and Miami themed...

      Sundown drinks at Scotty's Landing in Coconut Grove (live music weekends) and a walk around Coconut Grove. Dinner at George's or Jaguar.

      Drinks on the Patio at Tobacco Road Downtown and dinner at The River Oyster Bar next door.

      Drinks at Zeke's on Lincoln Mall and walk west for dinner on the sidewalk at AltaMar.

      Drinks at the Bayside Hut on Key Biscayne and dinner at the Boater's Grill in BB State Park.

      Drinks at Room on SoFi and dinner at Fratelli La Buffala or iCorsini. Nightcap at the Spire on the roof of the Hotel.


      1. excellent suggestions, advisor girl!

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        1. re: Shirley U. Jest

          Oh Shirley!

          I forgot the MOST important part:

          This always helps me before a first date and it does improve digestion!

          Please let us know how it all works out...


        2. Probably too late, but Ice Box on Michigan just north of Lincoln Road and Books & Books on Lincoln are nice, casual places with locals and tourists. You can eat outside. Last night a group of us were discussing how the food at those two places is always really good, and the desserts at Ice Box can't be beat!

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            Though I am a fan of ice box, the food is inconsistent. Books & Books is more consistent but not quite as good as ice box when ice box is on.