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Apr 23, 2009 02:48 AM

Best place for Nan Gua Bing

on my too-short trip to vancouver i was only able to sample nan gua (jian) bing from a couple of places. just wondering if i missed better renditions elsewhere.

nan gua bing (mandarin), or naam gua beng (cantonese) are those pan-fried, red-bean-paste-filled, orange colored discs about the diameter of your finger. found in shanghai- or northern-focused places.

i had them at shanghai shanghai in richmond at aberdeen center's food court stall #3010. they were very very good.

i also had them at shanghai wonderful restaurant in richmond. they may have been called nan gua yuan or something like that at this place, because they were ball-shaped. they were good but significantly inferior to the shanghai shanghai stall - and more expensive too.

does anyone know of any stands, food courts, restaurants, etc. that make these particularly well? (and also for sheng jian bao if you happen to know) thanks for the help!

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  1. Chen's Shanghai in Richmond makes a very good Shen Jian Bao. I have not tried them at Peaceful, but I believe they call them Huang Jing Bao.

    1. (I had to Google it to find an image) I've never tried these...I have had similar red bean paste discs, but not this particular type. I'll be on the lookout.

      Lin's makes a good shen jian bao too. I've never had it at Wang's at Crystal Mall, but I bet it is good.

      1. I've at it at Lins recently. Not very sweet, very soft texture. The food court at Aberdeen serves it too. A bit sweet but a lot crispier and still soft inside which is what I like.

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        1. re: gourmet wife

          Hi gourmet_wife...

          Are you talking about nan gua bing or shen jian boa? (I now have to try nan gua bing - sounds tasty!)

          1. re: fmed

            Oh I'm talking about the nan gua bing. Basically it's "pumpkin" flavoured mochi cake that's stuffed with red bean (most times) and fried up.

            1. re: gourmet wife

              Thanks gourmet_wife. I've only had the "white" versions. Must try this stuff now.

          2. re: gourmet wife

            thanks! btw i did get to try the sheng jian bao at the food court and i thought they were quite good .. except for the part where i spilled vinegar all over my pants.

            i would imagine that peaceful, as pointed out by kirkj, would do an outstanding job based on how good the xinjiang style yang rou with flat bread was when i tried it (mmm, and the cat ear noodles too).

            1. re: ken ivorous

              Not to threadjack (okay, a little) but ken, how long ago did you have the cat ear noodles at Peaceful? They are the only noodles I haven't loved there, and I found out they are also the only ones they outsource, unless things have changed...

              1. re: grayelf

                i had the cat ear in october or november 2008. wow if the cat ears are the worst ones on they do, then i'm very very impressed; i thought they were chao'ed really nicely. can't wait to come back and have everything there.

                sorry i haven't done my homework yet, but i'm curious how many main chefs do they have at peaceful? do they have, say, 1 for chao, 1 for mian & baozi, etc? do you happen to know about the chefs' names? i apologize if this has already been talked about - please let know if it has and i'll go dig for it. thanks in advance


                1. re: ken ivorous

                  I have seen at least two men doing both handpulled noodles and kitchen dishes. The woman (the wife?) has made the dumplings, etc. I don't know their names.

                  I haven't been to Peaceful in a few months now...time to rectify this.

                  1. re: fmed

                    That's been my experience, too, fmed, though I'm less observant than you as I've usually got my face firmly wedged in my bowl :-). I've always been amazed by how quickly everything gets to the table, too, almost before you've finished ordering sometimes!