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Apr 23, 2009 12:01 AM

Recommendations for a nice restaurant in Everett/Seattle/Redmond for a small celebration?

I am looking for suggestions for a nice restaurant for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary dinner in late August. It will just be 14 people -- 9 adults, 5 kids. We're looking for nice but not too fancy. Fourteen people is a large group for pushing tables together but is small for a separate room. For some restaurants that do have smaller separate rooms, it looks like we wouldn't come close to meeting the minimum food/beverage amount. We're looking for a restaurant somewhere in the north Seattle to Redmond to Marysville area. A restaurant that has good seafood would be great. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Anthony's Woodfire Grill in Everett was at the top of the list but their minimum is well beyond what a group of our size would spend (and this is just to reserve in advance, they don't have a separate room).

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  1. if you have no problem with the genre, you may want to check out "the pope's room" at buca di beppo in lynnwood - great (if raucous) fun, decent food, good prices and service.

    1. Arnie's in Mukilteo? I've seen groups about that size int he main room.