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Apr 22, 2009 08:46 PM

where to buy morsilla (blood sausage) and molleja (sweetbread)?

i turn to the trusted folks here.

coming back from my 4th visit to argentina (wife's family lives there), i've decided i'm ready to grill my own blood sausage and sweetbread (mosilla and molleja) now that the weather should be warm enough this weekend.

does anyone know what markets i could find these in brooklyn (i live in park slope) or washington hts. since i commute to the g.w. bridge bus station and there seems to be lots of hispanic markets up there?

best lead gets a sample of my cooking :)


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  1. Sometimes they have morcilla at Blue Apron in the slope, but you can definitely get it at Despana in Soho (I know that's not the neighborhood you're looking for, but their morcilla is delicious).

    1. If you are looking for South American morcilla, you can get a reasonable version at Western Beef. The best of Spanish-style morcillas, however, are available at DespaƱa in both the rice and onion versions.