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Apr 22, 2009 08:02 PM

family & dog-friendly in Sedona?

Hello fellow Chowhounds! We're heading to Sedona on Friday, not sure yet where we'll be staying. It'll be three adults, a teenager who eats like a maniac, and a 5 year old who can be very picky. And of course, The Dog -- a 65lb Coonhound. We'll need places to eat Friday night thru Sunday morning.

Help please?

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  1. A few places with outside seating that you can access w/out going through the restaurant proper are Red Planet Diner, the patio at the Hilton (least likely) and the AIrport Restaurant - don't know how genuinely dog friendly they are, but it might be possible to tie the pooch on the outside of the railing near your table. Check out Sky Ranch Lodge near the airport. Have fun!

    1. I apologize for failing to update this sooner, hopefully it'll help someone else traveling with their dog. We ate dinner at the Hideaway Restaurant both nights -- their Dieter's Downfall pizza and their lasagna being the best things we ordered. They have a dog-friendly balcony that can be accessed from the parking lot.

      The other place where we ate twice was the Wildflower Bakery. Someone in another thread on Sedona ha recommended their lemon ricotta pancakes and these did not disappoint. I was too busy enjoying my pancakes to notice what other people ordered but it was so good we had to go back for lunch after hiking around. And for lunch everything was also delicious! We ordered a soup in a breadbowl for my oldest son (who was fighting something that later turned out to be mono!) which he devoured, a spicy meatball sandwich for my husband which was apparently spicy enough, a roast beef sandwich for me, and my best friend had an incredible salad. So, even though this place is a chain, the fact that it's located in a "shopping center" that is family AND dog friendly, and on top of that their food is really good, made this a place we'll return to next time we go to Sedona. For what it's worth, we tried a couple of their cakes and they were not what I'd consider "TEH AWESOME".