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Apr 22, 2009 07:46 PM

one night in dallas

I am coming to dallas for a wedding and have just this saturday night free for a dinner out. I'd love some recommendations. I am looking for $15-$20 entrees. Some amazing hole in the wall would be great. thanks all!

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  1. what part of town are you staying in? what are you looking for? chicken fried steak? mexican? tex mex? cajun?

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      I'm staying by Northpark mall but have a rental car so anywhere within half an hour is fair game. I'm looking for a nice place to take mom and new boyfriend- so something that feels nice and somewhat formal but its on me so not too expensive. the only "not" would be mexican, since thats the rehearsal lunch earlier in the day. I appreciate any suggestions you all have.

    2. Given your price range within the radius you're looking at, plus wanting something comfortable, yet a bit elegant -

      I'd suggest Patrizios - Highland Park Village.

      There are also a number of upscale (wood-burning oven) pizza places that you may want to consider.
      Fireside Pies

      The Northpark area is about the highest dollar area you could be in, so to hit your budget and ambiance requirements for the dinner menu is a bit limiting. I'm sure others will come up with something though.

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        La Duni is open at Northpark now, that's also not a bad idea and fits right in on the budget.

      2. This place is fairly close, in your price range and definitely unique. Rise No.1 in Inwood Village (Lovers Lane and Inwood).

        1. try Asian Mint or The Mint. Also in NorthPark Mall there is a La Duni and a great little Italian Place called Cibus. These are not typical Mall places or chains both are very good.

          1. I see that you are from DC and have read a few posts on the Asian offerings there, which are limited. Garland and Richardson both house a large Asian population and have a variety of varied cuisines from Chinese (several regions) to Vietnamese (majority of South but some have a combo menu of North and South), Indian, Thai, and Japanese. If you would like some other recommendations for this area let us know.

            The places in and around North Park will not be considered hole-in-the-wall, nor will a hole-in-the-wall feel nice and somewhat formal. We do have some dodgy hole-in-the-walls with some great food but they will not be the somewhat formal place you might be looking for. The recommendation below is formal for a Vietnamese place (in other words it is not smokey, have Vietnamese sopa operas, karoke, or kung fu on - they do have a very nice Vietnamese tourism video sound though, and will have a lot of families). The place is sleek in the decor but you won't find that cuisine anywhere around North Park.

            It is a fairly new place, a modern look and crowded on the weekends. Last time I went with friends it was about $15 per person but we had four dishes between us. The first was oven baked Catfish which was excellent served with rice paper/ w hot water, lettuce, an array of herbs, bean sprouts and dipping sauce. A medium fish would feed 3 people generously and makes for a great conversational meal $28.95. If that is not to your liking a Lau Thai Lan, a Thai style hotpot with mixed seafood (can specify what seafood you like or don't), water spinach and vegetable in a spicy broth. I heard it was very good and it is $26.95 served in the traditional hot pot way and cooked on a burner at your table. This also comes with a generous helping of bean sprouts, herbs, noodles, etc. For some interesting small plates or appetizers I would recommend Nem Nuong Cuon or grilled pork patty spring roll (2) $2.95, Chao Tom or grilled shrimp ball (2) $4.95, Bo Tai Chanh or small bubes of beef marinated in a lime sauce $12.95. That should get you started. It would be a stark difference from the food typical to the neighborhood around North will be cheaper, the food lighter, and healthier.

            Saigon Block - (Just off the NWC behind the McDonalds)
            2150 E. Arapaho Rd
            Suite 200
            Richardson, TX 75081