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Apr 22, 2009 07:28 PM

Canmore Girls Night : Fancy Dress Dinner

Looking for a recommendation for a few ladies to enjoy an early dinner this Saturday prior to a Gala event.

My first thought was go back to Murietta's.. which I adore, but I wouldn't mind trying something new..Also I have been to Crazyweed and I don't think I would go back.

So other than those 2.. Any thoughts?

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  1. Hi CookieGal, how may are in your group? You might want to consider Treo up on Cougar Creek. Not sure if it is fancy enough for you. Go to Banff and book the Chef's Table at Fuze. Now thats perfect for a fancy dress dinner.

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    1. re: sirdinealot

      There will be 4 of us, Unfortunately we are going to be to short on time to get to Banff on this trip, but it sounds like a god stop for my next trip to Banff.

    2. My current favorite here in snowy Canmore is Wild Orchid!!

      Run by two well known faces from the Calgary scene..................

      Witold Twardowski - Owner Creator

      Witold Twardowski is one of the most storied restaurant operators in Alberta, Some of his past projects have included Teatro, Cilantro, Divino, River Café, Mescalero and the Ranche, in Fish Creek Provincial Park. He was also instrumental in the total refurbishing and reopening of the world famous “Hotel California” in Baja California.

      Tomo Mitsumo - Chef

      Tomo has spent over half his life learning the intricate art of fine Japanese cuisine. Having studied and apprenticed in Osaka, Japan, Tomo came to Calgary in 2002 and has garnered a loyal following. His latest creation, “Blowfish” on 11th Avenue in downtown Calgary is considered one of the most progressive Sushi restaurants in Alberta. Tomo’s revered knowledge and old world training will help make Silver Creek Lodge, the place for unique Asian cuisine.

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      1. re: graemejw

        Graemjw... This sounds awesome! except one of the gals in our party is REALY allergic to fish/shell fish, so sadly to say this option wouldn't be ideal for her:(

        Anyone have anyone have any feed back on Quarry???? (it is Closed EVERY time I try to go there!)

        1. re: CookieGal

          Sure do! We've been to Quarry many times and actually had our wedding reception there. It's just wonderful. Order the beignes (I think that's the spelling) for dessert.

      2. What about The Trough? We had an amazing dinner there last fall. It's a casual atmosphere, but many people were "dressed up" as it were.

        If they have the beef tenderloin pizza, get that, it's scrumptious!

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        1. re: sweeterpea

          had fantastic meals at Quarry, definitely recommend. Have heard nothing but amazing reviews from The Trough, although I have not been there myself. I also really like Zona's. Also Sage is really great.

          the thing with Canmore is that nothing is really dressy. but you should feel fine in any of those places.

          1. re: cleopatra999

            THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

            We ended up at Murietta's after all. And it was lovely. Quarry was booked as it was after the big Womens Race.

            Went to Sage for Brunch though! mmm :)

            Although I must say... our dinner was not as wonderful as my past dinners their.

            Not sure what is going on but the meal was just a little lack luster;

            My duck was very medium, (not rare medium) missing one of the veg... dirty plates.

            But all in all good company and a fun nigh. Next time I am out I will have to try yet again to go to Quarry & Trough!