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any opinions?

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  1. Lots. I suggest searching the board.

    1. good frappes.

      get a tummy ache whenever I eat the other items on the menu tho :-/

        1. Yes there has been much chatter about them.

          Thumbs up for me.

            1. The burgers are tasty. Just wish they were grilled. Milkshakes are good and generous. The fries aren't as crisp as I would like and a bit oilier than other eateries' fries.

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              1. re: BroadwayBound

                Grilled? Boooo...

                Here's an experiment for the summer...take the exact same burger, however you liked to make it (thick thin, lean fatty, whatever), and cook one on your outdoor girll and one in the kitchen in your skillet. I defy you to tell me the grilled one will taste better!

              2. How does Uburger compare to Flat Patties?

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                1. re: robertlf

                  Similar burger (I like Flat Patties slightly more), superior sides.

                  1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

                    I tried uburger today. The second location near BU west campus. It's exactly like you described and like you I prefer Flat Patties. I think because FP grills the top of the bun more which makes it more flavorful. The fries at UB were similar but a little crispier (better) than FP. Also, FP has fried chicken tenders / buffalo wings whereas UB only has grilled chicken. The interior design / ambience of uburger is better for what it's worth. I liked the conveyor belt!

                      1. re: Danielle11

                        It's on the first floor of The Garage, on JFK Street in Harvard Square.

                        1. re: Danielle11

                          In "The Garage" in Harvard Sq. It's upstairs from Felipe's Taqueria, across from Le's Vietnamese.


                        2. re: robertlf

                          The grilled chicken at UBurger is terribly addicting - I crave it occasionally.

                    1. Uburger is pretty good. I've given them some grief in the past because I think they overcook their burgers, but they are pretty tasty and they have a good house spread. More significantly, the fries are the best in the city. Really fantastic. I prefer Flat Patties burgers: still cooked well, but thinner, drippier, and greasier than Uburger, which can be a bit dry imho.