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Apr 22, 2009 07:06 PM

Mezcal in Ontario?

Does anybody know a way to get some quality Mezcal while under the crushing thumb of the LCBO? Maybe a supplier in Mexico that will ship to Canada?
The LCBO used to carry at least three different brands, but now only has one available and it's not great.
I found a producer that will ship to Canada called 'Scorpion Mezcal', but it has a scorpion in the bottle and I'm hesitant to order a case of something that's using a gimmick like that.

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  1. Here's hoping those scorpions aren't on the CITES list!

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      I never even thought of that, but I'm sure if the scorpions were on the CITES list that would just excite the tourists even more.

        1. re: Kagemusha

          Maybe my best option will be to take a trip to NY to bring some back with me.

    2. I've been looking to find some Scorpion Mezcal but can't find any. Please let me know if & when you find anything and I'll do the same.

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        1. A just-now search of the LCBO mentions these three. Any opinions?

          Mexico | Embotelladora Jaral De Berrio
          LCBO 47464 | 750 mL | $ 36.95

          Mexico | Sinai Mezcal
          VINTAGES 169417 | 750 mL | $ 44.95

          Mexico | Mezcales De Leyenda Sc De Rl D
          LCBO 225094 | 750 mL | $ 49.95

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          1. re: scrummy

            Highly recommend the TLACUACHE MEZCALE JOVEN - ORGANICO. I would pick this up before most of the listed blancos at the LCBO. I've seen it discounted $5 in some stores, so that's an added bonus.
            Very refined spirit, with smokiness balanced by fruit, vegetable and pepper notes. Nice clean finish. Drink it straight, it's worth spending some time with.
            And not that it matters, but it's a nice bottle!

          2. The original comment has been removed