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Apr 22, 2009 06:41 PM

Chinese baby suckling pig, Flushing Queens NY

Hey foodies, anyone know where I can get some Chinese baby suckling pig in Flushing Queens? I'm not talking about roasted pork with the crispy skin... that's pretty much gotten almost everywhere, nor am I talking about Char-siew, the reddish brown BBQ'd cross sliced pork loin. I'm talking real crispy skin, almost no meat, thin layer of fat just under the super crispy skin.



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  1. Many places in both Flushing and Elmhurst sell the baby pigs, hanging alongside their bigger brethren. It may be that they are easier to find on weekends.

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      The best one I've had recently was actually in Little Neck. Inside the NY Mart (next to Pine Court Restaurant off the LIE) they say suckling pig. I bought some about a month ago. The skin was still crispy the next day and the seasoning of the meat was just right, not too salty like many sold in Flushing. If you can only get to Flushing, I would recommend Corner 28.