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Apr 22, 2009 06:37 PM

Hunan in Reston - any good?

I'm desperately seeking a good Chinese restaurant for delivery in my area (Peking Village II is only "just OK" these days) and recently received in the mail a menu for Hunan Chinese Restaurant in Hunters Woods Plaza. Anyone familiar with this place and if so, is it any good? thanks!

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  1. They have a couple of locations in NOVA. I posted as they were announcing opening and haven't heard back on anything - and haven't tried fearing the (usual) worst.

    Especially b/c Polly G hasn't chimed in, I'm betting it's about the same as my expectation. For Reston though - there are good to great Thai and Japanese options. Any of those appeal? Or are you willing to check out the HW place for us?

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      My only reason for being interested in this place is that they'll deliver and where we live, there really aren't any good restaurants that will. Maybe the next time I'm up in Reston I'll try to find this restaurant and check it out (of course after first checking out the health dept rating!)