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Apr 22, 2009 06:13 PM

"Watermark", Asbury Park

Does anyone know anything about or has anyone been to "The Watermark" in Asbury Park?? It is located next to the "Stella Marina" restaurant.

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  1. I've been there and while its no Pegu Club or Flatiron Lounge, its a major step up for cocktails in NJ. The place is beautifully designed and will be mobbed over the summer. Try to get there before the rush is on. BTW, all the drinks I've tried have been excellent. Watermark makes a great start or finish to a meal at Stella Marina (next door). Good Luck.

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      Oh, it's cocktails only????? Someone told me that they will be sharing the kitchen with stella marina and serving food, do you know anything about this???? How is the dress there? Thank you!

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        I love the place , its a few doors down from Stella, its very very plush and nice drinks were $7 for a Jack and Coke ..not bad ...nice crowd on a Thursday night, cant wait till they open the outdoor deck fully, it seems to be a few weeks till its done ...amazing window views on the ocean

      2. The food at watermark all seem to be pre-made and heated on demand. I ordered the rack o lamb lolipops and couldn't get them cooked MR.

        But you don't go there for go for the fantastic view and comfy seating. I think it's a wonderful spot, especially for happy hour.

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          Joonjoon, you are correct. Watermark "collects" pre-prepared items from local restaurants and sells them in their bar. There is no kitchen, simply a staging area and microwave and toaster oven for reheating. Certainly not a Chow environment but, as you stated, the view is fabulous.