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Apr 22, 2009 05:45 PM

Best non-PTFE and PFOA cookware

Hi All,
New to this forum. I have circulon cookware and a couple of cuisinart stockpots and saute pan. I'm looking to slowly replace the circulon cookware piece by piece. My two pieces that I would like to first replace is a two handled circulon pan that I used extensively similar to this
but mine is around 12 " and no cover. The other is just probably a 2 quart saucepan (just recently let it boil dry with just water in and then it burnt - never done that I know what they mean when they say 'can't even boil water' - well I can and then some :-
)I would like to locate these two items, plus a wok and would like to ensure they are healthy. I looked a bit on the acronyms PTFE and PFOA and would like items that do not contain these. I have a gas stove top and electric oven. I also hand wash all my cookware. I would appreciate any suggestions. Price point - I have no idea - just starting to look. I will probably use the internet for my shopping since I am in a very small city.

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  1. The Circulon pan in your link is anodized aluminum. No PTFE or PFOA there. I'm sure they make a 2 qt sauce pan as well.

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      That's good to know.

      I know this has probably been discussed 50 million times but can someone suggest what I should look for (obviously anodized aluminum) to ensure I purchase cookware that does not have any unhealthy attributes? Or send links that I can review?

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        This isn't exactly what you want, but it's really interesting. It goes more in to depth about copper, aluminium, steel and iron

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          Great link! Will read it tonight - thanks

      2. dogsrus, let's start with the high end; lower-price considerations can follow later.

        For the wok: if you can afford it, this is the one you want.
        Once seasoned, it will be as nonstick as any pot or pan you have ever encountered, and it is very healthy.

        As for pots in general, the Demeyere Atlantis or Sirocco lines (identical in construction, different in styling) are the ne plus ultra, but come at a steep price. They combine a very large copper disk, larger than the copper disks on other pans, and with a thin silver layer -- silver has even higher heat conductivity than copper -- above and below the copper, encapsulated in easy to clean stainless steel. They also are induction-capable for the day in the future when you leave gas behind for faster responding and more powerful induction cooking.

        To replace that specific Circulon pot you have been favoring (and also, possibly, that ruined 2 quart saucepan), you might benefit from visiting this page:

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          Love the wok, that I definitely will get. The Demeyere products look fabulous but they are out of my price range at this time. Same witht he iittala - but love looking at them.

          1. re: dogsrus

            dogsrus, I warned you that I was starting with recommendations at the high end!

            Here is a much more economical set of two built-like-a-tank pots:
            Do not get hung up on the "PC" phrase; look at the lid on the left pot (which is part of the set): it is a conventional glass see-through lid. That is a pair of general purpose pots that also have a second personality that allows them to be used in an unconventional manner.

            Bonus: if you happen to like artichokes, those pots will allow you to cook artichokes the ONLY rational way to accomplish the task. Boiling an artichoke is so slow, and takes so much good stuff out of the food, you never will boil an artichoke again.

        2. I like circulon. The pan I have is real good for steaks

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          1. re: Soop

            Which circulon pan do you have that works well for steaks?

            1. re: dogsrus

              It's a circulon 2 pan, about 20 cm?
              It's one of my flatmates, but it's so much better than anything else we have!

          2. Chantal copper fusion enameled cookware. The copper sandwiched into layers of metal that make up the pans gives very even heat, you can use lower heat and as one of my friends to whom I loaned a skillet likened it to grilling. He is a convert from All-Clad now. They are a snap to clean too.

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              Very nice looking cookware. Pricey but boy I'm loving this one:

              Our wedding anniversary is coming up maybe just maybe....