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Apr 22, 2009 05:23 PM


Quite a few people here lamented the demise of this place a while back!

It's re-opened - as far as I recall the menu is about the same.

A very helpful guy speaking fluent english (holy of holies!) was available to discuss the menu items and offer suggestions.

Very enjoyable - excellent spice kick as well.

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  1. Forgot in case you are new here - this is an INDONESIAN place
    The address is

    86-10 WHITNEY AVE [Take G,R,V and exit at ELMHURST Ave].
    CHAO THAI is on the same street.

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      though i am comparatively nearby i don't get over that way nearly often enough....will definitely check it out

    2. see here, at the thread following squidkun . . .

      I enjoyed my meal there at the "new" minangasli.

      1. What would you all suggest there? I've only 'discovered' this area of Elmhurst (with the other Indonesian place down the block, great dumplings next door, and Pho Bang and Chao Thai down the block not to mention a ton of other places) recently and was somewhat unimpressed with the food the two times I've tried it. The rendang was rather uninspired, as well as a chicken dish I had. Is it really under new management? I'm excited to try the Java Village place nearby, as it got good reviews as well...

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          it did change management, as the thread says . . . . i had a big meal there a little while ago and we enjoyed a bunch of dishes: jackfruit curry, a kale dish, satays over lontong, a whole fried fish which was good, shrimp with stinkbeans (these were bitter but good), stuffed tofu app, couple other things. the rendang i liked, strong flavor.

          java village is good too but better if you hit it up early.

          after going to a few of the indonesian food bazaar events over the summer, we made friends with some of the people who are with the community center where it is held and they all said that upi jaya offers the best experience, a place that I've overlooked all these years and never ate at but, will now hit up. and, I've now got more indo. food experience under my belt!

          1. re: bigjeff

            As I was reading this thread I was wondering why no one ever writes about Upi Jaya until I saw above. I think they have incredible Indonesian food, I love ordering from them. It's been more than equal a substitute for me since Minangasli's demise.

            1. re: tabs

              great! any good recs? i had the impression they were good for specific dishes, or a specific region, that sort of thing? the people who recommended the place said it was very authentic, very homestyle.

              1. re: bigjeff

                I'm a regular at Upi Jaya and have gone a couple of times to Minangasli so I can compare a few dishes. The Gado-Gado, Ayam Panggang and Gulai Kambing are all far superior at Upi Jaya. Upi's version of Beef Rendang is always excellent. Minangasli never did this well but I tried it again after they reopened and it was much better, almost equal to Upi Jaya's. Minangasli's version is almost half the price so it's a much better value, but that's really the only reason to go there.

                Upi Jaya also does an outstanding Sayur Daun Singkong, Gulai Ikan and Gulai Cumi.

                I also prefer just about every dish at Java Village to Minangasli's version.

                I haven't been able to go to the Indonesian food bazaar yet. Jeff, do you know when the next one is?

                1. re: el jefe

                  there just might be one more although it is ramadan now; will ask because the last one i went to, they did say they had a september one but that kinda don't make sense. DaveCook's Eating In Translation blog might have info as well.

                  their semi-regularly updated website is here:

        2. With such a great bike-riding night last night, we ended up heading to Minang Asli in Elmhurst from Astoria. I love Whitney Ave., the cool little curved street that Minang Asli's on that winds east (?) off of Broadway alongside the elevated Long Island railroad tracks in Elmhurst, where other chow spots include Chao Thai, Lao Bei Fang Dumpling House, and a second Indonesian place, Mie Jakarta.

          Terrific place. The meat-eater could do little more than groan with pleasure plowing through the 5 skewers of chicken satas (satay) with peanut sauce. We shared two appetizers - perkedel jagung, fried minced corn pancakes, and tahu isi, fried stuffed tofu and vegetable, which came with a different, very tasty peanut sauce. I had a very good gado gado (especially with the addition of the hot chili sauce on the side). His glass of shredded young coconut on ice was a little too sweet, but my Indonesian style lemonade was excellent, just barely sweetened. We finished with Kolak Pisang, sort of a dessert soup with banana and sweet potato in coconut and brown sugar. I was expecting something more like a custard or pudding, but once I adjusted, it seriously grew on me - kind of addictive.

          Now today's another beautiful day for a ride - so many options. Maybe Flushing, or Greenpoint. I never have been to the Lemon Ice King of Corona either, and then there's Andre's Hungarian Bakery out past Rego Park...

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            both are great rides and very simple to reach from astoria; it is so amazing how neighborhoods are close to one another; astoria to rego park via broadway to queens blvd, and easy to ride on corona too although it hasn't yielded amazing finds for me. flushing is simple if you go along roosevelt onto college point blvd with hundreds of taco options or if you want to go even further, you can bike past forest hills into richmond hill and get into all of that.

            more flushing meadow park-centric rides here: