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Apr 22, 2009 04:54 PM

thali - new indian downtown
1409 St-Marc / Ste-Catherine
opened April 22nd 2009

Their specialty is the Thali diinner deal, 7.50$ for vegetarian and 8.50$ for non veg. There is room for about 25 diners. There is a counter with prepared foods (desserts I recognize but don't know the names and pakoras and samosas) then the hot foods of the day. Not everything on the small menu is presented but I didn't enquire if they can make something else.

I went with the non-vegetarian thali which included 2 meat dishes, 1 vegetarian dish, basmati rice, salad, naan and papadam. I received lamb curry and butter chicken (chicken curry was the other choice) and some spinach but no cheese. The butter chicken has a kick and the lamb curry was mild in comparison. The spinach was not creamed, more like a stew. I didn't know if the cheese was intentionally missing. The basmati rice is white and doesn't come with any flavorings. The naan bread is thicker than what I've ate at other restaurants but it's good. The salad is tiny. They forgot my papadam but I didn't complain because I was full.

I also ordered chai and a diet coke.can.

From the menu (I type the way they spell it


Veg Thali: 3 vegetarian dishes, Basmati rice, naan bread, salad & papadam 7.50$
Non-Veg Thali: 2 meat dishes, 1 vegetable, Basmati rice, naan bread, salad & papadam 8.50$

Meals includes rice or naan

Butter Chicken 7.50$
Lamb Curry 7.50$
Chicken Curry 7.50$
Seekh Kebab 6.50$
Chicken Tandoori
- Breast 6.00$
- Leg 5.00$
- Whole 15.00$
- Half 8.00$

Mix Veg 6.50$
Alu Gobi 6.50$
Dal Masala 6.00$
Chana Masala 6.00$
Palak Paneer 6.50$
Baingan Alu 6.50$
Chana Bhatura 5.00$
Chana Puri 5.00$

Kebab 5.00$
Chicken Tikka 5.00$
Alu Paneer (veg) 5.00$

Chicken 7.00$
Lamb 7.00$
Veg. 6.00$

Chaska, sides and drinks too.

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  1. Chana Bhatura!!!!!!!! Thanks, marblebag. Now I have somewhere to quell my persistent chana bhatura craving downtown. :-)

    (that's a dark, thick, chick-pea curry with fluffy deep-fried bread, for those not in the know)

    1. This is excellent news. With Qing Hua Dumpling, Cuisine Szechuan, Cafe Myriade and now this restaurant popping up in the last six months, my options as a St-Henri resident are looking up!

      1. I just tried this place today for lunch.

        I found the food to be good and well worth the money, although I would not say that it was amazing.

        I had the butter chicken, lamb curry, and mixed vegetable curry in my Thali. I enjoyed the vegetables more than either meat curry but the real star was the nan, which was superb. I did miss the inclusion of tandoori chicken with my thali, which seems to be sort of a staple, and I would really really like if they had beer or a BYOB license as I simply cannot get full enjoyment out of Indian, Mexican, or Sushi without beer.

        The service was friendly and efficient but I don't know why they don't wait on tables as opposed to their cafeteria style set up. I would imagine that they would make better tips and it would really require no greater amount of effort on their part.

        The place seems very clean and the Indian desserts (Gulab Jamun and Barfi) looked great, although I didn't try any.

        If I were to have a craving for Indian downtown, I would go back for sure... but if I feel like a trek, I would probably still hit up Bombay Mahal or Indian Curry house.

        Finally... I asked and they do have a real tandoori oven, which validates why the bread is so nice.

        1. I have eaten here twice, and find it to be a very good value and tasty food - would probably be a little repetitive if I went too often, but on the whole, for $8.00 it's the most food I've gotten in the vicinity, the food is nicely spiced. Great bargain, and good addition to the neighborhood.

          1. They food was good, but was it just me or the meats seemed to be not hot enough?

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            1. re: Ghostquatre

              I noticed that too. It doesn't usually bother me but here it was far too cool.

              1. re: The Chemist

                Uh-oh. So cool it might have never been properly heated? Or it had time for other 'ingredients' to join in? How did you feel afterward?
                I want to try this place out, but cool meat makes me nervous.

                1. re: Shattered

                  I think the heating table is not hot enough so if you don't eat the meats right away it will be warm. I had no side effects.