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Pied de cochon, seafood season?

Does anyone know what month PDC starts serving their seafood platters?

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  1. if I remember correctly, it starts about mid-may.

    1. I'll be walking to Montreal if the shrimp I had last week is the slightest indication of what the seafood platters are. LOL

      1. I've checked last weekend and they haven't changed the menu yet.

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          Maximilian is correct. It usually starts the second or third week of May.

        2. Crossing my fingers-I have a reso for May 16th!


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            I am crossing my fingers too! I'll be there on May 15th!

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              Had another fantastic experience this past long weekend. Ordered the pintade pour deux and of course the foie gras poutine. With seats at the bar we had the wonderful pleasure of watching the cooks put everything together. Service was excellent, and the kitchen staff had me laughing my ass off more than once. If I lived in Montreal, I would eat there once a week-although I would have to significantly increase my exercise output! We left at midnight and the resto was still relatively full. Too bad everyone in Toronto falls asleep at 9pm.


            2. Anyone know if they update their website menu when the seafood platters are available?

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                They did last year. But they haven't updated the menu on their site in a long while. Not since last fall, I think.

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                  Thanks rcianci, You have offered much help through my endless inquiries and you have been more then helpful. Truly appreciated!

              2. Please report here on your experience after you have tried it.

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                  They do not have their seafood platters yet... I was there tonight. My review... the food was good and the service was spotless. We had the cromesquis (to be honest, I don't think I would order it again, it was a bit too much for me), and the onion soup as entrées. The onion soup was the big hit of the evening... absolutely amazing! I would go back any time for that! For the main, I chose the Pied de Cochon plate... (big) piece of pork with a tomato & caramelized onion sauce with garlic & cheese mashed potatoes. I completely disliked the tomato & caramelized onion sauce, but that is just a question of personal taste, my friends loved it and took it home for tomorrow's lunch. The mashed potatoes however were very, very good. Dessert was the croustade aux pommes... very nice! All in all, very good dinner (my friend's magret de canard with mushrooms and my BF's side of a mystery vegetable (fenouil? looked like mini-potatoes but were crunchy) made for a perfect main dish). Next time, I will try the duck in a can.

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                    Can someone describe duck in a can? We've got a res 2nd week in July.

                    My gf is somewhat resistant to duck, but I might be convinced.

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                      Ingredients are duck breast, foie gras and cabbage if I remember correctly.

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                        I have had the pleasure of eating at au pied du cochon a few times and I have to say the duck in a can is one of the best things I have had in a long time. The butter cabbage is fantastic, and the slice of toast and celeriac puree and a nice crunchy contrast. A solid choice if it is your first time to the restaurant!

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                        They were serving whole lobster last night.

                    2. I was there yesterday. I heard one of the waiters say to one of the patrons that they will start serving the seafood platters on Tuesday (May 26). I will post on my experience later ...

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                        So. . . is it seafood yet? Can't tell from the web site, and I don't think anybody has posted a Chowhound update.

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                          I won't be in town for a few more weeks, so this is not from personal experience, but as far as I can tell from poking around the net (a blog here, a twitter there), it's seafood time. I really do wish they would update their website.

                        2. I'd like to confirm that it is most definitely seafood season at our favorite restaurant! I was there this week and ate like an absolute queen, thanks to the best seafood platters in the city, bar none.
                          A few things I remember which blew me away:

                          - Cold mussel salad with confit lemon
                          - Razor clam tartare with sunflower seeds
                          - Oysters 3 ways: natural, with saltwater jelly, and with creme fraiche and caviar
                          - Fresh scallops raw with tobiko
                          - Sea snails
                          - Quebec Snow Crab
                          - Raw Littlenecks: natural, with cucumber, and with crispy rice
                          - Softshell crab tempura

                          Also indulged in an amazing 2 lb QC lobster with hollandaise and fiddleheads and asparagus.

                          Dessert: panna cotta with rubarb. So good we ordered 2!

                          1. PDC has changed their on-line menu. Is seafood season over already? I was coming up next Saturday with the sole (no pun intended) intention to partake.

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                              They had seafood platters when I was there last week - your best bet would be to call them directly and check.

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                                Thanks. I'll ask them when I confirm my rez and report back.

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                                  It's over for this year. Ate at PDC last night and nary a seafood platter in sight. There was, however, some fabulous salmon salad and an Arctic Char head soup that looked interesting.