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Apr 22, 2009 03:49 PM

Recommendations for Michelin 3 stars lunch and 2 star dinner?


I'll be traveling to Paris from 5/15-5/20 and would love some recommendations for michelin 3 star restaurant for lunch and a 2 star restaurant for dinner. So far, I only booked La RĂ©galade for a Friday night dinner. It's my bf's first time in Paris and we both love food. Since we'll be going to Versailles on Sunday, so that leaves only Thurs dinner, Sat lunch/dinner, and Monday lunch/dinner open. In addition, I'm trying to squeeze in a lunch or dinner at Les Bouquinistes and Chez l'ami Jean.


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  1. Your choices are right on so far. We had a remarkable dinner at La Grande Cascade in January. It was very expensive (close to $600 a head; I still sweat a little thinking about it), but it didn't have to be that expensive. We chose to order the largest tasting menu with wine pairings, champagne to start, and coffee to finish. The entire evening was magical - the setting was beautiful and the staff delightful. I think at the 2 and 3-star level, there isn't a world of difference in price. As I mentioned, dinner could certainly be had there for less, but we were celebrating and decided to enjoy it as a once in a lifetime experience.

    We also had an excellent lunch at Le Cinq in the Four Seasons. For around 86 Euro, it was a complete bargain.

    If you like foie gras, have the foie gras for two at Chez l'ami Jean. You will lose your mind, it is so good.