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Apr 22, 2009 03:47 PM

Gothenburg, Sweden Kosher

Does anyone know of any kosher MEAT restaurants in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am specifically asking for MEAT since we are dealing with a dairy allergy, so suggestions within those parameters (meat/kosher) are the only that i can even consider. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Shamash doesn't list anything kosher in Sweden outside of Stockholm, which Google Maps puts at a five hour drive from Gothenburg. There's a ferry connection to Copenhagen, which also has kosher restaurants, but I doubt that's much quicker. I hope someone with direct personal experience can be more helpful, but I doubt you're going to find precisely what you're looking for.

    1. Kosher meat in Sweden is a complicated issue. Shechita is prohibited in Sweden (animals cannot be slaughtered without sedation) so all their meat is imported from France, Germany or Israel and it's insanely expensive. There's only one Kosher store that I know of, in the Jewish community center in Stockholm. They will provide meals locally with plenty of advance notice and there's a vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm, but that's about it.

      Although there are several thousand Jews in Sweden, they are primarily in Stockholm and the Orthodox/observant community numbers in the hundreds, so there's a limited market for Kosher.

      On the (big) plus side, the day school is free in Stockholm.

      1. This is a link for the Chabad in Gothenburg but when we were in Stockholm nobody could tell me if it was still active. You may want to contact them directly. I would imagine they get their meat from Stockholm and might be able to procure some frozen meals.

        As I mentioned, the observant community is pretty small and although they have 2 orthodox shuls in Stockholm, they share a Rabbi. The massive synagogue in Stockholm can accommodate 1,000 but does not have regular services. They mostly focus on high holidays and they tend towards the reformed side of conservative observance.

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          Thank you GilaB and Ferret for your replies and information...i really appreciated it.

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            Chabad in Gothenburg is definitely still active. Contact them at the link below, and they will have the information you need. But there is no restaurant, and it's likely that the best you can do is a dinner invitation to the rabbi's home! (The rabbi is Persian, so the food's probably quite good,)


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              Good Ole can always count on them!