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Inexpensive Restaurant for Dinner in the French Quarter

So far, I have the following places on my list:
Breakfast- Cafe Du Monde, Elizabeths, Original Coffee Pot
Lunch- Commanders Palace, Bayona, Johnny's
Dinner- Eat, Casamentos, Stella

I just need a place to eat that is relatively inexpensive for Thursday night in the French Quarter. We are on a tight budget and already going to spending a good bit at Stella I'm sure. Ideas? Thanks for all of your help!

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    1. Other options: bennachin, salt n pepper, el gato negro, sukho thai (marigny), Acme.

        1. Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, Mona Lisa, Port of Call, Fiorella's, Gumbo Shop. All are relatively cheap and the food is good. Not Stella good, but good nonetheless! Also, the take out food at the Quarter Master Deli (a.k.a. the Nelly Deli) is surprisingly good and really cheap. My parents stayed at a place close by and my dad ended up eating there a couple of times a day.

          1. I second the Mona Lisa and for take out the Quarter Master.
            The last time we were in New Orleans we had a pretty inexpensive late night dinner at 13 on Frenchmen and the food was reallty good. Also, if you like Middle Eastern, try Attika on Decatur. Try Mona's also on Frenchmen.

            1. Not in FQ but an easy walk, Rambla.

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                    Yo Mama's!!!!!!!! Gotta love the peanut butter burger!! LOL

                2. Two others: 1) Adolfo's (on Frenchmen, 1 block out of the Quarter) - tasty Italian creole, anything with fish is great, prices are super cheap), 2) Fiorella's (Decatur) has excellent gumbo and some of the tastiest fried chicken you'll ever have. Also dirt cheap.

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                    Koop's on decateaur for Jambalaya.
                    Commnader's is no where near the French Qtr.

                  2. Olivier's on Decatur serves great, affordable, creole family recipes.

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                      Fiorella's has been really bad lately since they opened with the new owners. I live less than three blocks from there so we used to go often. The service is also very slow, the prices have been raised and the fried chicken is a shadow of its former goodness. 13 on Frenchmen has good food as does Bennachin on Royal (but really slow service), also Aldolfo's can be expensive, last time we went my companion ordered the lamb special and it ended up being around forty dollars just for his entree. Coop's on Decatur is good if it is not too busy, the food and service suffers greatly on a crowded evening. Yo Mama's on St. Peter St. has really, really, good hamburgers served with baked potatoes or salad.