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Apr 22, 2009 02:08 PM

great experience with Papa Cristo's catering!

We had Papa Cristos cater a party at our house last weekend, and they did a fabulous job! The food was just incredible - so many guests raved about the food and asked who did the catering. We had an assortment of yummy appetizers, greek salad, gyros, chicken skewers, rice, hummus and pita. Everything was delicious and served beautifully as well. The service was also wonderful - they worked with us on the menu, and changed things around a bit to suit our tastes. They also delivered and were on time and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Papa Cristos for anyone looking to have a casual party catered! I couldn't help posting since we had such a positive experience. . .

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  1. Thanks for letting us know. Did you have any lamb? It is always been done at the restaurant and I wonder if they can make it rarer for a private event.

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      We didn't have any lamb other than the gyros, which were very good.

    2. I have had Papa Christo's catering before, and I absolutely agree-everything was wonderful.