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Apr 22, 2009 02:08 PM

Can bottled fruit juice actually make you thirstier?

Anyone know if any of the ingredients in bottled fruit juices (like, say, Ocean Spray cranberry juice) can actually make you more thirsty rather than less?

I often keep the standard-sized 64 ounce bottle in my fridge, and when I'm thirsty I'll take a few swigs...but often I'll find myself still thirsty and repeating the same thing 15 minutes later. Sometimes I'll go through almost a whole bottle in a day this way. I can't be the only one who does this, can I?

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  1. It is an addiction. Ocean Spray creates a lot of endolphins.

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      Does that make Ruby Red like a gateway drug?

    2. probably the added sugar.

      1. Cranberry juice is astringent like strong tea. It makes your mouth feel dry. Drink water next time. The astringency will end.

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          Or dilute it. I always mix one part juice to 4 parts water. Cuts the sweetness and is more thirst quenching. Cay

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            That's what I do too, only I cut it with seltzer water.

            Also, many Ocean Spray products aren't 100% juice. The other stuff they add in there may make it less thirst-quenching.

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              Indeed. Try the RW Knudsen (sp?) unsweetened cranberry juice. You have to *like* sour, but it's really good with water or seltzer.


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                That stuff is ROUGH! I have it right now and I've been cutting it with diet ginger ale (diet was a mistake).

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                I think it may be because of the "other stuff" rather than the cranberry, because this also happens to me with other fruit juices.

                Is "high-fructose corn syrup" the culprit?

                1. re: Agent 510

                  Does drinking soda with HFCS make you thirsty too?

                  1. re: rworange

                    Maybe if you have so much sugar in your blood stream that the osmotic balance is shifted, but not usually. I like my minute maid peach punch, it quenches my thirst fine.

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                      I find any HFCS drink (usually not soda for me but some "juice" blend bought on the run due to lack of selection) leaves a certain aftertaste in my mouth that gets stronger and stronger until I have to drink more to get rid of the offensive taste in my mouth! I am now actively avoiding any drinks made with the stuff because now that I have noticed this, it seems 10x worse. I envy Californians your Honest Ade. We have fewer and fewer 100% juice options in convenience stores and more and more nasty sweetened blends. Nantucket naturals in a few places and luckily in my office, the store stocks a lot of West Indian products including juice blends sweetened with cane sugar.
                      I have to add, even my husband has noticed this and was enjoying Mexican coke in SF last month. He is not generally too sensitive about these things. And this is really a taste issue for us, not a health belief about HFCS.

            2. Yes, sugar can make you thirstier than when you first started, just like salt. Reach for water rather than juice if you want it to go away :) Even if a juice has no ADDED sugar, the juice naturally has sugar in it anyway, and it'll have that effect. If I drink too much of anything sugary, I get to feeling very parched and dried out, so I have some water to counteract it.

              1. I just read somewhere that that could be a sign of diabetes. Of course, not being a dr. i can't tell you whether that is true or not.

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                  It's a different kind of Diabetes you have a compulsion to drink lots and lots of water and you even have to get up in the night to drink water. The Pituitary gland stops secreting a hormone because it was damaged somehow. I'm not a MD either I just picked this up from my nutritionist friend.