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Apr 22, 2009 01:00 PM

"Martinis and Chocolate" in Eastchester

I've driven by this little place called Martinis and Chocolates (425 White Plains Road aka Route 22) a million times and it looks like it's never gonna open!!! However, on Saturday when it was really gorgeous out, I saw the doors open and I think they were working on it! It looked like a bar/lounge type place. Maybe a dessert bar?! Does anyone have ANY info on this place!

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  1. I just saw this place on Sunday and was wondering the same thing. There's almost no information about it, except for the chef's name, Mark Sokolofsky, a CIA grad:

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      Yeah I drove by on Saturday and they were very open! The window doors were wide open and i saw people sitting at tables! Its too bad theres like massive amount of construction going on in front of their entrance. Plus theres no convenient parking to just run in and check out their menu and stuff

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        I was there saturday night with a bunch of friends, it was packed. we had dinner, they still have a few kinks to work out but it was normal for a new place. The food was excellent! atmosphere was awesome. nice crowd. cant wait to go back.

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          It's not right outside, but there's a municipal meter parking lot around the corner on Fisher Ave behind the gas station... and I think the parking lot next door to Fox's clothing store across the street is a municipal meter lot also.

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          Just for the record.... Mark Sokolofsky is NOT the Chef at Martini's & Chocolate. He was suppose to be, but sadly it took the resturant too long to open so he had to move on! Unfortunate loss :-(

        3. Thread picked up my interest. Just so I do ot have to load up my GPS LOL, just what is this near/land marks et al. I ask only as I have not seen it in my travel around Eastchester.
          Edit: Did my own home-work and found map in chefdb (thanks SW)

          Just south of Mill Rd; which is south of where I have been of late.

          1. I live within walking distance & looked forward to this restaurant opening for awhile. My roommate and I had dinner there two nights ago finally-- Sadly, it was mediocre at best. I have to say they have many kinks to work out.

            We ordered a wild mushroom risotto appetizer, which was 1. not made with arborio, or even short grain, rice; and was 2. quite salty. Plain white rice does not a risotto make. The fresh mushrooms were nice though.

            I ordered a farfalle pasta with vegetables and sundried tomatoes (I'm vegetarian-- they did happily skip the chicken at my request), which was quite oily. The flavor was fine, not bad, but way too greasy.

            My roommate's ravioli plated with a half plate of white and a half plate of marinara sauce was bland & heavy in my opinion.

            For a place called Martini's & Chocolates, chocolate is nearly absent from the menu-- a martini glass with some chocolate dipped Wise potato chips arrived with the bread basket, and one molten lava cake dessert.

            My orange-pomegranate martini was quite delicious, I will give them that. My roommate's pear-tini was good too, but don't taste it after mine, the flavors don't mix.

            1. Awww i was hoping for lots and lots of chocolate desserts :-(

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                Our waiter was very friendly and explained that they're planning to overhaul the menu already & work out some kinks, and work in more chocolate... hopefully soon!

              2. My wife and I had dinner here on a Thursday night. First let me say that I most certainly respect the owners decision to open a new establishment, given the current economic conditions, and the fact that a number of other restaurants at this same location just did not make it. The place itself consists of a large bar with several TV's and a room for dining. We were served by a very very nice waitress who was more then
                competent. A small bread basket and wrapped butter was served along with a container of potato chips streaked with milk chocolate. I assume this was with reference to the
                Martini and Chocolate name but who knows? The good news was that my onion soup @ a cost of $ 5.00 was excellent. My wife started with a Tricolor salad which she said was fine. We did not order from the special Martini list (no prices listed) but instead ordered two Vodka Gimlets. We were served something that clearly was not the traditional Gimlet (no discernable Lime Juice) at a cost of $ 10.00 each.
                My wife had Chicken Scarpiello (Shoemaker style) on the bone and she liked the dish. I had Osso Bucco, which was served with Polenta, a potato croquette, and some
                mixed veggies (carrots and zuchini) at a cost of $19.00. The best part of the dish was the
                potato croquette as the Osso Bucco was rather poor and the polenta was bland.
                My wife had coffee ($2.00) which she said was excellent. The owner or manager was on the floor and was walking about, talking to some patrons, but never looked our way. Our main concern with the place was the noise level. If you like to go to a place with lots and lots of noise then this place should quickly become a favorite. Several tables were filled
                with children, some of whom were running back and forth yelling and screaming. No attempt to control them was made by management and this alone was quite annoying.
                I guess, based upon, our observation, the place could be considered "children friendly".
                As others have noted, there is major construction outside, which is expected to continue until December 2009. This place is a couple of doors down from "Pipers
                Kilt", a Westchester tradition, (great Burgers and other food). Would we go back?
                I think not! Too bad... We had wanted to like the place ...