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25 Burgers Now Open Bound Brook NJ

Passed by this today. Grand Opening was on April 20th.
25 Burgers
552 West Union Ave (Rt 28)
Bound Brook NJ

Could not locate a website..
Their tag line reads - 25 choices for you!
The restaurant was bustling when I passed by.

Figure there must be someone out there who wants to give this place a try.

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    1. I know you travel a lot shabby and someone pointed on here guided me to this place for tacos and they were pretty darn good and something I wouldn't miss. I tried the pork and chicken, nothing fancy, very few ingredients but prepared perfectly.

      Joyce Bakery
      203 E Main St
      Bound Brook, NJ 08805
      (732) 356-7474

      1. I went here last night, with about 20 friends (we pretty much filled the place, heh!). I ordered the "Pot Roast" burger, which was absolutely fantastic - the bread complimented it perfectly, although it did get pretty soggy from the juices. I usually enjoy putting condiments on my burgers, but I didn't need a drop of ketchup at this place, since there was the perfect amount of sauces and seasonings applied.

        I ordered a burger for the road, as well. Their month's special, a cheese stuffed chicken burger with special sauce and a few other toppings (I forget what was on it). Excellent as well, and even though it was made of chicken, it still had more of a "burger" taste to it.

        I'll be going back here, for sure.

          1. After reading some of the postive postings, I finally got over to try 25 Burgers with wife and daughter; each of us trying a different burger so we could share with each others. First impressions were very positive with quality buns and well proportioned additions of cheese or bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayo, etc. as appropriate to the selection. Someone mentioned that there was no need for any additional condiments even though they have extra ketchup, etc. available. Also, we were impressed with the adequacy of the burger size. For $6 to $9 each they need to be filling and frankly they are. So why our concern?
            Frankly because the beef flavor was MISSING.

            The 100% angus choice beef, whatever that means, simply had such a subdued flavor, it was like, so where is it? Nothing like a fresh made burger on a charcoal grille and certainly nothing like the tremendous burgers you can get in Linden at the Linwood Inn (Munchmobile favorite a couple years ago) where you get a comparable size (1/2 lb) but the beef has such a fresh, clean, prominent flavor, it is like eating a fresh ground ribeye.

            Wait a minute....isn't that what hamburger is supposed to taste like?

            So at the risk of a trade infringement lawsuit with Wendy's, please, go, try, enjoy 25 Burgers but don't be shy about asking 'where's the beef flavor'? Maybe that will help them refine their business model just enough to really shine with something truly worth while.

            also, they need to better define their 'line' upon entering. We arrived simultaneous with a couple others and no one could figure are we supposed to be inside the line, outside the line, do you take a seat to save it until your order is prepared,etc? Somehow what is there is not quite intuitive.

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              ThanksVille, I agree with you about the "subdued flavor" of the beef. Whenever I go to a burger place I always try to taste the beef alone and the flavor of the 25 Burgers beef is pretty much like what I get at most places (I am NOT referring to Mickey D's or Burger King here!). However, I have been very impressed with the burgers at 25 Burgers because all the ingredients - bun, meat, toppings - seem to meld into a delicious, flavorful combination that is greater than the sum of its parts. I also like their fries, which are hot and stay hot. Nothing worse than cold fries after a great burger.

              Regarding the 'line' and where it is, yes, this is really confusing. I hope management rectifies this problem soon. A more serious problem, in my opinion, is the lack of seating. If you go to 25 Burgers when it's busy, you will end up eating in your car. I went there at 2 PM last week and was lucky to get a seat at one of the small circular tables. So....my suggestion to people is go to 25 Burgers for a great burger at a pretty reasonable price but go during off hours.

              Added in Edit: For a burger with wonderful, flavorful beef, go to Boom in Belmar but be prepared to pay significantly more.

              1. re: ambrose

                Ambrose; it's always difficult to judge a restaurant, whether fine dining/linen style or nouvelle cooked to order fast food on the basis of one visit. We will certainly return to 25 Burgers in Bound Brook precisely because the place and their model has a great deal of potential to be truly outstanding. All the components are within their grasp and control for excellence and right now their basic products are really quite good; but excellence in a burger has to include the flavors of unmistakable ground steak. Beef, not Norm's "Buuurrrrfff" from the infamous 'House of Burf' where quantity is all that counts.

                I really truly hope they can bring that element to their dance.

                On the other end of the scale, we tried Somerville's newest culinary addition to in town nibbles; "Cluck U Chicken" about a block from the Courthouse. Their buffalo wings supposedly famous from Rutgers to Maryland and franchising up a storm for their creator. Also, fresh grilled burgers for those looking for non-poultry dining.

                Unfortunately, their burgers are char-grilled that entombed the 1/3 lb meat patty in a black crust which might have been tolerable if there had been any pink or juice on the inside. Unfortunately, it was the beef patty equivalent of a cremator at Rutt's Hut only drier and without any of the flavors of a great dog. The wings were all downhill since they bread the chicken before cooking and their hot sauce lacks a high acid bite to reinforce the heat of the spices. The result was a mealy, messy (not in a fun way), bite size snacks that have completely disguised any chicken flavor due to the breading. As my wife said, if you want great wings, you still have to drive 20 miles to Princeton and stop by Chuck's on Spring Street a block north of Nassau. Even with new ownership, they continue to define buffalo wings and yes, they are worth the trip.

                Comparing the 25 Burgers product to Cluck U's version just points out how close 25 Burgers are to greatness. Cluck U as a franchise might work in a college town desperate for munchies but not sure it will fly in midsuburbia.

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                  Glad to know (!) about Cluck-U Chicken. Perhaps you could have the moderators split this out into a separate post.

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                    I wonder what the price difference is on producing a burger with high quality meat. For us it becomes a destination, but for 25 burgers the price point may put them out of business.

              2. For the record, the New York Times devoted a few paragraphs to 25 Burgers yesterday, 10/11/09. It wasn't really a review, just a description of what 25 Burgers is and what they offer.


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                1. re: ambrose

                  My coworker and I went back to give it another try, and they have certainly improved!.

                  The burger patties are much bigger and full of flavor now.

                  The chili burger is a feast fit for a heathen.

                  Would recommend a re-try to every one. They got off to a bad start, but it seems like they got their act together now.

                  1. re: coldsolderjoint

                    I go to 25 on a fairly regular basis these days, at least 2-3 times a month, and they have never let me down. The quality of the burgers trumps that of places like Five Guys, they're always really creative with their 'burger of the month', and you'd be hard pressed to find a better bang for your buck.

                    Burgers I recommend include the chili burger, the pot roast burger, and the maui burger, all of which are absolutely delicious.

                    1. re: zerohour3k

                      I went last week, and I had the best burger yet.

                      The "Meat Lovers" burger. In reality, its the best pizza burger you are ever going to get. Its their standard burger, which is great by itself, topped with layers of smoked ham, pepperoni, bacon, and Italian sausage. With marina sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

                      The interesting thing about this was that all the meats where on top of the burger in almost perfect thin little layers. even the bacon and sausage. Not really sure how they did this, but it was perfection to the texture and the taste of this great burger.

                      They also did not use a standard marina sauce, this one was "thinned" out.. quite a bit, and was the perfect compliment to the burger. It was not like the sloppy "diner pizza burger" where the sauce is thick and super messy.

                      My compliments to the chef on this one... I hope they stick that onto the "local favorites" wall.

                      Also.. honorable mention goes to the chicken parm burger. In reality, it's a round chicken parm sandwhich, but I was in the mood for something "lighter" (haha.. really?) I'm not a "salad" type of guy.. so I went for the chicken. They throw down a decent chicken parm. Hot, fresh, and delicious. What more could you ask for?

                2. They're opening in Westfield soon in the same location that CheeBurger..Cheebirger failed......twice.

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                    We have a Cheeburger in Flemington that seems to be pretty busy. I've only been there once though - thought the food was pretty bad, and overpriced. My hamburger was the most tasteless burger I've ever eaten in my life. For crying out loud, have these people never heard of salt and pepper?