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SD: I got $10 bucks..where to go?

I have more but why spend it if I don't have to.
Beach Chick needs a challenge..what's good for under $10 bucks?

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  1. The BLT at Bread on Market - $8.25

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Hmm, a few of my favorite cheap eats places in San Diego:

      1) Smoked marlin tacos at Mariscos German
      2) Just about anything out of Las Cuatro Milpas
      3) The Chicken Pie Shop down on University.
      4) Surati Farsan Mart
      5) Bull Taco
      6) A sandwich at the OB Co-Op

      1. re: oerdin

        Love the OB Co-Op..it's been quite awhile..how are their sandwiches?
        Going to the Black, Farmer's Market and the OB Co-Op..priceless!

    2. 3 empanadas at Puerto La Boca.

      1. 4 Milpas (see image provided) or a bowl of pho, #33 at Saigon, from which just came home.

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          If you are trying to google it, it is called Las Cuatros Milpas, it is very good.

          Las Cuatros Milpas
          1857 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA

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            Nice photo FN, I can almost make out the meat chunks in the salsa.

          2. 7.50 for a cheeseburger (Beef or Chicken), fries and a drink at HODADS.
            A complete meal. With tax and a tip, you would still stay under 10, I calculated it to be a total of 9.50, out the door.

            1. Burger at Burger Lounge - filling enough you don't need fries. $8
              K Sandwiches - banh mi, none more than $4
              Super Cocina - two entrees, rice, beans and tortillas. $8
              Pizzeria Luigi - two slices, $5
              Mona Lisa Deli - soppressata sandwich, $6
              Pete's Meats - All sandwiches under $7
              Bread & Cie - All sandwiches under $8
              Saigon - pho, $6
              Surati Farsan Mart - South Indian food, most items around $3-4
              Mama's Lebanese Bakery - Baba ghannouj wrap, $6

              Ever since Hodad's featuring on Food Network and CNN, the line is down the block. Which if you've eaten there you know is totally ridiculous.

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              1. re: Josh

                What Josh said plus:
                Mariscos German - 1 Gobernador taco and 1 Smoked Marlin taco
                Sab-E-Lee - pretty much everything is around $7 (green papaya salad, spicy mint leaves w/ stewed pork legs, panang curry, spicy raw beef, catfish larb)
                Tacos El Paisa - 1 Adobada taco + 1 Lengua taco + 1 Cabeza taco

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                  sorry but in fairness to Sab-E-Lee one item just doesn't make a meal, you owe your tastebuds 2 items.

                  1. re: MrKrispy

                    I normally do get 2 items but I can rarely eat them both so I'll usually get 2 meals out of it.

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                      Bring a friend who also has $10 and go Halfsies!!

                2. re: Josh

                  Maybe BC likes fries, give her a full meal for that 10 spot.

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                    I've had many a meal at Burger Lounge made up of nothing more than their cheeseburger. It's a substantial amount of meat and bread. I couldn't eat an order of fries with it, and I'm not a small man.

                3. A California Burrito at the taco shop of your choice. But if it's a Saturday, a pannini from the guy at the Little Italy Mercado.

                  1. HH at Flemings, burger and fries for $2.95. Marisco's truck for fish tacos. Just don't turn into Rachael Ray and not include the tip in that saw buck!

                    1. bean, cheese and rice burrito from El Cuervo
                      machaca burrito from El Cuervo
                      carne asada, rice and bean burrito from El Cuervo
                      throw in a drink and you're still well under $10

                      pizza or hot dog from Costco
                      frozen yogurt from Yogurt World or Yogurt Lounge
                      kimchi tofu soup or bi bim bap from Tofu House
                      tacos from Mama Testa's
                      anything from Surati Farsan Mart or Sab e Lee
                      pho from Pho Hoa Cali
                      cheese from Venissimo Cheese
                      1 Vosges Haute chocolate bar

                      1. Funny you should ask...Linkery has a 'stimulus package' special, two sausage tacos and a bottle of Session Lager (from Full Sail) for ten bucks. Sea Rocket has a tuna melt sandwich and a draft beer (local, craft beer!) for the same. Both specials are only available at the bar and only Sunday through Thursday.

                        1. Wow..thank you all for your responses!

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                            I recommend a cup of soup and half a spicy chicken melt sandwich from Chez Nous for $7.06.

                          2. prosciutto and mozzarella panino with side salad for lunch at Wet Stone. plus there's always some great music playing.

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                                gotta confess I've only been for lunch but Christian keeps telling me to come by in the evening; check with him

                              2. re: ibstatguy

                                I think I know this place and its really cool...good call!

                              3. 2 of the $1.95 mini-sandwiches (Salami or Sopressata) and a cup of iced coffee at Caffe Calabria. I forget the price, but the caprese panini was also excellent.

                                1. I’ll pop in with two cents:

                                  How about the board favorite for Indian: Punjabi Tandoor. I call ‘em “Spongabi” because my belly gets fat there. Lunch is around $7 from the warming trays or you can get a two meat curry combo for around $8 in the evening. I'd say the flavor is a little deeper (or spicier) when they make to order for you.

                                  How about a Chicago on the Bun in RB or UTC? I’m indifferent on the hot dogs (can’t you get like 10 of them for 10 bucks at Costco anyhow?) but I go for the combo Italian Sausage and Beef. Just tell them you want a combo dipped. Mmmmm! With peppers and onions. Hot peppers if you want ‘em too!

                                  And I was nearly going to nominate this one on the best burger thread but I didn’t want to get rammed: At Joey’s Smokin’ BBQ go for the Joey's Bad Ass Burger – topped with a hotlink, caramelized onions and cheese. I was damn impressed – I’ve been going there for other sammiches (some pretty good) and ribs for some time but just tried the burger a couple of weeks ago.

                                  Yes, these are all gutbusting meals for around your $10.

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                                  1. The 1/2 order barbacoa for $6.95 at Aqui es Texcoco, with enough cash left over for a pancita taco for $1.60 and a small tip.

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                                          The Chicken Pie Shop on El Cajon blvd.
                                          I think you get the whole meal deal for under 5 bucks it includes salad, rolls. meal (meat, potato, veggie) and a piece of pie.
                                          just make sure you bring cash, they dont take credit cards.

                                    1. Let's review..
                                      Anything new and delicious for $10 in the greater San Diego area?
                                      My $10 challenge is the Indian Truck..Mariscos Pescador in CV..Mystic Grill for the falafel.

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                                      1. re: Beach Chick

                                        The Copper Chimney truck might just be the only place you can get 3 courses and a drink for $10.

                                        1. 2 places for lunch

                                          Windmill Farms deli sandwich - $3.99 (Del Cerro)
                                          Mr. Chick's Greek Salad w/ Chicken, but get the dressing on the side. Comes with a side of french bread - $7.95 (Zion & Mission Gorge Rd.) It goes up on the dinner menu

                                          Other than lunch

                                          West Coast BBQ - Carnitas $8.99, BBQ Chicken $9.99 comes with choice of 2 sides, portions are generous (not including tax or tip). Add $.99 and you can get Pulled pork or BBQed Brisket. Discernable smoke ring on the meat. (Lake Murray Blvd at El Paso in La Mesa)

                                          Johnny B's Cheeseburger + fries under $10...cold beer extra (East end of La Mesa Blvd)

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                                          1. re: DiningDiva

                                            All these look awesome DD!
                                            I should support a place named Mr. Chick's..
                                            ; )

                                              1. re: DiningDiva

                                                glad the hat and bowtie I gave Mr. Chick for Xmas was put to good use!

                                          2. Yakiyudori Ramen on Convoy. One bowl of ramen is $6.50.

                                            1. Anything at El Zarape on Park.

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                                                Burger or Turkey Burger @ Burger Lounge - well worth the $8 bucks.

                                              2. Pork sandwich and a Vietnamese iced coffee at A Chau (Menlo Avenue and El Cajon Boulevard). right around $6.00.

                                                1. Okan for lunch. Their pre-set lunch w/ rice and hijiki, 3 sides, pickles and miso soup packed w/ veggies runs about $6-7. Add one of their protein dishes for $2-3 and you have enough food for 1.5 meals (at least for me).

                                                  1. 10 pan fried tofu dumplings at Dumpling Inn
                                                    Longhorn Patty Melt with side of fries and a cold Coor's Light
                                                    The Cheese Shop for a Turkey/Avocado/Cheese on rye with some sun chips.

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                                                    1. re: Beach Chick

                                                      Grilled fish sammie at El Pescador in LJ.
                                                      Many fish tacos, or anything on their menu, plus a cup of their seafood broth at Marisco's El Pescador in CV.
                                                      Carnita's plate at Martiza's, Clairmont.
                                                      Anything at Super Concina.

                                                      Nice top revive the thread BC.

                                                      1. re: Beach Chick

                                                        I love how a cold beer accompanies so many of your req's. So right on...

                                                      2. So I've added Super Sergio's to the list..
                                                        What else new we got going on for a ten spot?

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                                                          1. re: cstr

                                                            No, they don't offer Tofu Asada.

                                                        1. Dinner for two at McCormick & Schmicks during happy hour!