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Apr 22, 2009 12:48 PM

Crab Pot & Benz - Seattle

We will be visiting Seattle in a couple of months. What do you know about Crab Pot and the Benz Cafe which was mentioned on a Travel Chanel program?

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  1. You're talking about Man vs. Food, right?

    It's Beth's Cafe.
    And it's nothing special.
    I go every once in a while, but it's nothing special, and if you make it one of your stops as a Seattle tourist, you'll be disappointed.

    Crab Pot is also not great. It's kind of lowest common denominator seafood. It's all there and it's fine, but it doesn't shine as a good example of the bounty of seafood Seattle has to offer.

    That said, I actually think it's kind of fun to throw on the bib and dig into the various seafoods they dump out on your table (and I know I'll catch crap, from the "foodie"-er people here). It's not the same as the superbly prepared seafood dishes you'd get from a Waterfront Grill or the lesser Anthony's or Elliot's in the same area by the waterfront, but it's an experience.

    Bottom line, you can do better than either of these...

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    1. re: GreenYoshi

      I agree with GY on all accounts. You can do better than these.

      Crab Pot - it's fun, but don't expect stellar seafood (but you also don't pay premium seafood prices for what you get, either). I think it depends what you're looking for - if you want awesome seafood and don't mind paying premium prices for premium product, try the Waterfront Seafood Grill (my fav). If you want mid-range on the waterfront, try Anthony's. If you want casual, fun, variety with a group on the waterfront, the Crab Pot can be fun. Elliott's is good for oysters, but I will never again eat a full meal there by choice - the last two times I've eaten dinner there have been ridiculously bad (completely incorrect menu descriptions, had to send salmon back 3 times, and their ladies rooms always look like public beach park restrooms, etc.). If you are willing to get to Ballard (5 mi from downtown), check out Rays (it's right on the water next to another Anthonys) - they have a casual cafe/bar upstairs and dressier place downstairs. yum.

      I have never been able to figure out the allure of Beth's cafe. Pretty nasty greasy spoon with attitude, if you ask me. Back in the day (ha!) I'd take Hurricane over Beths any day (er, night), but really, it's nothing special.

      1. re: akq

        Back when I was in college, Beth's was a sheap way to get a WHOLE lot of calories (12 egg omelet and hash-browns in a pool of grease) really CHEAP. That is all. Don't expect food.
        We have a great Chinatown and Pike Place market is cheap, easy, and fun.Go there.

        1. re: mr.nelso

          I didn't think it was possible for me to NOT like any hash browns or fried potato dish....until I had Beth's loaded hash browns. Blech. A very greasy spoon.

      2. re: GreenYoshi

        Man vs Food... Adam Richman talked up The Crab Pot really well. I wanted to go there again, even though, I know it's a mediocre place.

        The Crab Pot - A place I like to take out-of-town guest so we can smash food with mallets. If you go, try to sit on the side of the building so you have a little view.

        Beth's Cafe - A local greasy spoon with decent food. While you're in the area, Green Lake is a nice place to walk around and you'll also be close to the Zoo.

      3. Remember that they're the Travel Channel. Their priority certainly isn't food (judging by their selections).

        1. Do not go to the Crab Pot.

          1. Sounds like a morning radio duo. ;-)