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Apr 22, 2009 12:47 PM

Maine - Pemaquid Point or Georgetown area?

We're renting a house on the coast in Aug and I'm trying to decide between these two areas. I've been to Maine several times but not these areas. Which would be the more varied and have better food choices within 15-20min drive? I know there is a lobster shack/place in Five Islands which sounds good - is it? Is there anything similar in Pemaquid?

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  1. The Five Islands Lobster co is a great place. Sit outside and munch on lobster, crab, corn, potatoes, fish sandwiches etc. [be sure to stop on the way to use restrooms as the portable ones at Five Islands are not where you want to be]. There is also the Robinhood Meetinghouse Restaurant in that same area that gets excellent reviews. There are a couple of places in Pemaquid but have not eaten there so hopefully someone else will advise.

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      We haven't been to the lobster places near Pemaquid in several years. Five Islands was pretty good last time we visited. We were staying in Wiscasset which I thought was a great 'central' location. In addition to Five Islands we also went to Estes in South Harpswell and up to our favorite, Waterman's Beach near Rockland. If Georgetown is closer to Brunswick, I'd pick that to also be closer to the great farmers market. Think it's on Fridays. Might be more than a 15 minute drive but worth it if you plan on doing some of your own cooking. If not, you can still buy some great baked goods. We got some biscuits and strawberries to make our own strawberry shortcakes.

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        Was Estes good? Ever been to Harpswell Neck?

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          We thought Estes was good. Great location and pleasant drive to get there but it was strange that we had just seen Cooks which was mobbed and there was hardly anyone at Estes (lunch, mid-week). Since then I have read that there are other, better places in the Harpswell area but we didn't check the other places.

    2. Pemaquid Point is more remote and has fewer options nearby without fighting summer traffic.

      Besides the specific Georgetown/Five Islands places noted above there are chow-worthy options in Bath, south to Brunswick, and north to Wiscasset.

      Robinhood Free Meetinghouse is fine dining in a unique (renovated church) atmosphere (note no airconditioning however).

      Other faves in that area include Montsweag Roadhouse (Rte1, Woolwich) and Ocean Grill (just over the bridge in Edgecomb; especially for brunch).

      Unique hole-in-the-wall breakfast: Ships Chow Hall, Rte1 Wiscasset, opposite Big Al's

      1. If you do decide to stay in Pemaquid Point, I HIGHLY recommend breakfast at the Seagull Shop at the Pemaquid Point lighthouse. (


        They have the best blueberry pancakes I've ever had, and you can't beat the view. The restaurant is a converted screened in porch at the back of the house, which overlooks the rocks and ocean, with the lighthouse in the background. Great food and a fantastic view!

        1. If lobster is what you want, you can't beat the Pemaquid Peninsula, with about a half-dozen lobster shacks dotting various harbors. I think they're some of the best and least touristed in the state. Damariscotta has some decent restaurants, and there's The Anchor, in Round Pond, which is always very good. The thing about Pemaquid is that you don't have to leave the peninsula (or fight Route 1) for a choice of dining options.

          To get to anything from Georgetown, you have to return to Route 1. Bath has a few restaurants, but I think the choices are better in Damariscotta.

          1. Pemaquid Point is nice because it is less touristy. This is the reason why my parents decided to retire there. In New Harbor, there is Shaw's Fish and Lobster Wharf and the Samoset. There is also the Bradley Inn which offers upscale dining. There are a handful of restaurant options in Damariscotta/New Castle that is 20-30 minutes away. Up in Waldoboro, about 30-40 minutes away is Moody's.