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Recession Deals?

Has anyone started a thread about deals to be had at any of the fine dining restaurants in TO? WIth the downturn in the economy, one would think that bargains abound, but I have only come across a few:

Madeline's - Mon - Wed - $1 corkage fee
Nota Bene - no corkage fee after 9 pm

Please share your bargain finds! It's the least we can do to help the economy!

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  1. Um, deals abound in the city:

    There are prix fixes almost everywhere; Zucca, Sidecar, Le Paradis, Tati, Crush Wine Bar etc, etc... usually with certain day of the week stipulations.

    There is $1 corkage at Crush on Mondays.

    Screw the economy, the best thing you can do is support your favourite restaurants as much as possible as I guarantee the axe will continue to fall...


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    1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

      Totally agree with SWS and wish I could support my favourite restaurants more but unfortunately members of my household have felt the crunch and so we have had to cut back on dining out, although we still indulge in local take-outs like Sultan of Samosas and Olde Yorke, as well as ordering in from Bona occasionally.

      1. re: JamieK

        Yes, I too had to cut back, no special Sushi Kaji birthday for me this year :(

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          Of course I think we are all feeling the crunch JamieK. I just want to support the people that do the important work of restoring my sanity and happiness after an exhausting day's work! What would life be without them? Sad, and certainly boring!


      2. A friend went to Bread Bar and said that they had a prix fix menu whose cost per night was based on how the Dow or TSX closed. I am not sure exactly how it works or if it is still on but she said it was amazing (we both love the food there) and it was so much for so little money.

        1. Canoe is doing lunch specials. Check there web-site.

          1. I think the important thing is to keep supporting your well-loved local restaurants. Isn't it worth it to have a lovely meal out once per week, and brown-bag it the rest, than to grab cheap and crappy food court offerings more often?

            1. I noticed yesterday that Colborne Lane has a Bailout Lunch offer at $29...

              I think I'll try it out on Monday.

              I didn't even know that they were open for lunch!!!

              1. Table 17 (Queen Street East in Leslieville has a 27.00, 3 course fixed price menu, BYOW - no corkage that I can tell on Sunday nights...JAM cafe on Carlton, W of Parliament also does a mid week fixed price, 19.00 I think. It used to include a glass a wine but not sure if it still does. Table 17 uses items from its standard menu (which are quite lovely) plus some "new things"

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                  Jam does have a prix fixe, but I ate there recently and was not impressed by their food. It didn't have much flavour and was a bit oily.

                2. Thanks for the replies thus far. I get the impression from one of the responses that these deals are common knowledge but I guess I don't have my ear to the ground on these things, thus my post. Can anyone name any more fine dining restaurants with deals?

                  1. Toronto Life recently reported on this lunch special at George:

                    1. The Tulip has a recession special that gets you a soup or salad, small sirloin (top sirloin or something like that but it's a substantial steak and delicious), and a slice of pie for 15.95.

                        1. Fifth Elementt has a bail-out dinner 2 for $30 ($21.43 each since you pay tip for regular price) until early May.
                          Also $10 2-course lunch deal.

                          5th Elementt
                          1033 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3A5, CA

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                            Sorry about adding the duplicate link...

                            here is a thread to midweek fixed price dinners: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/569607

                            5th Elementt
                            1033 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3A5, CA

                          2. Check redflagdeals.com, just yesterday we ordered $88 Ruth Chris gift certs for $44!

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                              Grace on College has 10 dollar BBQ on Thursdays. The food is actually smoked and slow cooked. The menu rotates but so far they've done chicken, pulled pork, sausages. They come with sides and a beer. That's a pretty damn good deal.

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                                I read about it in Now and was curious, I'm assuming this Thurs will be the first day.

                                Keep in mind, the deal is only available upstairs and after 8pm. The deal includes a domestic beer also. Obviously they're taking a loss on food/labour costs, hoping you would keep drinking.....

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                                    I was under the impression it has happened a couple of time already.

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                                      Can anyone confirm if it is after 8pm or after 7pm (as posted in the Blog To article)...

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                                        I think it's 7pm..............I went a couple weeks ago. The ribs were lacking smoke, and the texture was too soft, perhaps braised in too much liquid?

                                        Fun atmosphere though, although you will have to endure a laptop dj.

                                1. It's been mentioned elsewhere on the board, but...

                                  -JK at the Gardiner has a $25 Wednesday lunch special
                                  -Scaramouche has a $58 lobster menu

                                  both of the above are 3-courses.

                                  1. I've heard that Ultra has $20 lobsters on Monday and $20 12oz Steaks on Thursday. Haven't tried it, but sounds like a good deal?

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                                      ultra lobster deal has been on and off before... went last summer and it was a fun experience but not the most filling even with a bit of an app. they cook them fine though maybe a touch more than they need to and it is messy!

                                    2. I saw on Cava's website tonight that they have no corkage fee on Sunday nights.

                                      1. Another find:

                                        Pi-Tom (thai food)

                                        $25 dinner


                                        The main course is anything on their menu except for fish dishes.

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                                          just wondering if there are recent updates to this older thread..would love to find a mid-week holiday party spot for a small group that was reasonable price wise...