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Apr 22, 2009 12:29 PM

Baking supplies

I'm starting a new baking project and am looking for a shop that would sell rye flour and non-diastatic malt (or liquid malt extract). I've yet to find a grocery that has much of a flour selection - even bread and cake flour can be hard to come by. Downtown/plateau area would be ideal, but any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA

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  1. In the past I have found rye flour at the Scoops - or whatever it's called, in the Faubourg - but that was a while ago. I also have seen Rye flour at the En vrac store at the Atwater market. The malt I cannot help you with. How about a health food store?

    1. In (on? dans? damn prepositions!) the Plateau, you can try Frenco. They seem to have downsized, so it is a good idea to call to check if they stock what you need.

      3985 St-Laurent, 514-285-1319.

      1. You'll find rye flour in the organic food section of most grocery stores and at bulk and natural food stores. I get mine at Merci Vrac at Maisonneuve market.

        1. They have many kinds of flours at Merci, Jean Talon Market (south east corner)

          1. I know its a mite far from your downtown specification, but if you buy in bulk you won't have to make the trip often. Papillon is the place, located in Pointe Claire Plaza (corner Blvd. St. Jean & Hwy 20). They have a range of bread flours - unbleached white, coarse and fine whole wheat, rye, dark rye,etc. as well a "trendy" kamut, coarse multigrains. Non-diastatic malt powder and other adjuvents are available. The Swiss Vienna Deli across the corridor will sell you fresh brewers yeast (I freeze the 500 g brick in separate 100 g blocks and shave off what I need each time I make bread).