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Apr 22, 2009 11:59 AM

Where to find a good Pimm's Cup?

Last weekend I took a trip to NYC with my family and while dining at Shang (wonderful btw) my brother introduced me to the drink, Pimm's Cup. I fell in love---what a wonderful summer drink.

Now I'm on the look out for a place to get a well-made Pimm's Cup. Even better if the location has some relaxing outdoor seating, since this is such a classic summer drink.

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  1. The best place I know is Palm Beach polo...and that is not going to help you here!~ But here is a's particularly good with gin!

    1. Bar at the Williard, or the Mayflower

      1. Marriott on the water in annapolis has a nice waterfront bar and I would bet you can get a well made Primm's cup there and this weekend with temperatures rising it will be a lovely place to walk around then settle down for some appetizers and drinks while watching the boats, naval cadets and pretty girls in their summer dresses. Have fun

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        1. re: dining with doc

          That's a good idea for when I make a day trip to Annapolis this summer.

          But I'm actually looking for something in the DC area. Thanks though (sounds like warm-weather heaven!)

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            I had an awful one at 701. I asked for a Pimms Cup and the barkeep gave me...a glass with three fingers of Pimms!

            I had a really good Pimms Cup at the Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase, but that was years ago. Don't know if they still offer them, or if it's just wine and beer. Jack russel terrier races are not something to be watched sober.


        2. I would bet my 11th toe (extra chromosome) that Poste or PS7 might pull that off.

          1. You can get a solid Pimm's at Acadiana, which also has a patio.

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              Ooooo good call! A Pimm's and their deviled eggs seem like the perfect warm weather snack. Thanks for the recommendation!