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Two Updates from Duluth: First Oriental closing and 3 Thai restaurants

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* The First Oriental Grocery store, Duluth's only Asian grocery store, has closed after many years of operation. The small grocery sold food products from across Asia - I saw Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Indonesian, and even African stuff there. The store was originally downtown on 4th Ave. E. and Superior St. (and the sign remains), until it moved to a location several blocks east of the Whole Foods Co-Op near Burrito Union, and most recently to a spot near St. Luke's Hospital and the Karpeles Museum on 1st St. Rumour has it the store suffered a number of thefts and/or robberies at its new location. Inventory was declining the last time I went there, about a month or two ago.

The only location remaining (that I know of) to get Asian grocery products is now the International aisles of Cub Foods.

* Duluth now has three Thai restaurants. They are Bangkok Royale (in the "Village Square" strip mall under Slumberlands near the mall, off Hwy 53), Sala Thai (which has a $7.95 lunch buffet) in the Kenwood neighborhood near the Piggly Wiggly and Falk's Pharmacy, both new, and also the "old" (since c. 2001) standby Thai Krathong, which has re-located to a new space near Hell's Kitchen in Canal Park. The link attached is outdated.

Sala Thai even has a website: http://www.salathairestaurant.net/Tha... . Thai Krathong's is down.

Sala Thai Restaurant
4023 Woodland Ave, Duluth, MN 55803

Bangkok Royal
2224 Mountain Shadow Dr, Duluth, MN

Thai Krathong
114 W 1st St, Duluth, MN

First Oriental Grocery
801 E 1st St, Duluth, MN

Cub Foods
615 West Central, Entrance Duluth, MN

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  1. Its a bummer Oriental Grocery closed. Cub foods doesnt have much of anything, it kinda sucks. They apparently moved too close to central hillside, which is the worst location in Duluth for crime and has been for a long time.