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Apr 22, 2009 11:55 AM

non-food website advertisements

i recently logged on to and saw a non-food advertisement for specifically for the "Cute college girl of the day".

i feel advertisements like this are SLEAZY and have no reason to be on a website about food.

i log on fairly often and i dont like seeing this pointless ad.

every link i click on has this ad pop up on the side and i'm tired of seeing this sleazy rubbish on a site like this one.

i'm actually pretty surprised that its on here - i THOUGHT this was a reputable site?

who controls what gets advertised on this site and why isnt it being filtered?

really - it makes me NOT want to visit this site anymore.

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  1. I totally agree with you. I'm embarassed to have someone see that cute college girl of the day ad on my screen (though I love chowhound).

    1. It is a tad ironic that on this closely moderated board (where every whiff of anything that offends anyone who complains is removed) there are such sophomoric ads. All's fair in love and commercialization!

      1. ha... 5 days since i posted that original message.... and STILL i see that ad. c'mon CHOW.COM.... how about shaping up??? throw out this sleazy rubbish already!

        1. I agree that the "College girl" ad is offensive. Specifically, it's sexist, and it appears that CBS endorses the objectification of women (duh, but I would hope they'd try not to advertise this fact).

          I know one way to give ad feedback is to click the (small, gray font) "advertisement" link next to the ad, and then submit a report to CBS that way.

          But yeah, I find this sort of thing an overt slap in the face from an otherwise safe and welcoming atmosphere.