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Apr 22, 2009 11:39 AM

Brooklyn Pizza Tour ideas

I'm going this weekend. Originally I had planned to start at DiFara, then go to Totonno's, and up to L&B. Since Totonno's is closed, any ideas on a 3rd place to go that would fit in with our planned route?

id like to start at DiFara in order to not have that much of a line.


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    1. re: markabauman

      I was thinking that, but its a sit down restaurant, full meal type of place, right? I want to run in, grab a slice or split a pie between friends, and be out in a jiffy.

      1. re: shorts

        If you're lucky, you'll get in and out of Di Fara in a jiffy. If he's got a slice pie just up and everyone else is waiting for bespoke pies. In reality, you're probably in for as much of a wait at Di Fara as at a sit-down, full-meal type place.

        Honestly, I've been in and out of Motorino in less time than it's taken me to even place an order at Di Fara. No kidding.

        1. re: hatchback

          Ive had really good luck going to DiFara as soon as it opens up. Thats the plan!

          1. re: shorts

            True. Then that will work! Good luck. Have fun on your tour! You're starting with the best.

    2. you might want to consider sams restaurant or lucali in carroll gardens

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      1. re: Jeffsayyes

        Good call - Ive been to Sams and really liked it but none of my friends have..interesting...

        1. re: shorts

          I think Sam's is great. And Lucali. But again, if you're complaining about sit-down, meal-type places, these are also sit-down, full-service pizzerias.

      2. Try a slice (Neapolitan or better yet, Sicilian) at Italia, 307 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11223, (718) 339-0666. I order from here weekly. Delish!!!

        P.S. I love J&V Pizza too. Excellent pepperoni pie.

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        1. i would include di fara, lucali and motorino. those are my favorite pizza places in brooklyn. i have not been to L&B but it is likely to be among the best in brooklyn as well. keep in mind lucali and motorino are sit down while di fara can be by the slice

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          1. re: prcentauri

            I would skip L&B and try Delmar - Sheepshead Bay Rd. just North of

          2. I would get a square pie at DiFara's, eat as much of it as I could and enjoy the rapture.

            Forget the rest of the places.

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            1. re: Scagnetti

              Im beginning to think you're right. Grab a table, eat like pigs, and watch the craziness. My only worry is im dragging DiFara virgins out to Midwood with the thought of multiple pizza place adventure, and if wend up at only one place, they may get restless, even if they're having the best!

              Does anyone know if Totonno's is back open again?

              1. re: shorts

                nothing will beat di fara.
                maybe it would be better to do di fara one day and 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 places another day.
                the others can compete with eachother.